Let’s stop Type II Diabetes in Leeds

Although there are around 200,000 people diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes every year, there are things you can do to reduce your risk.

This April, the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme (NHS DPP) is holding the second Diabetes Prevention Week (1-7 April). We’ve teamed up with them to raise awareness of their Healthier You programme. This is a free service run by the NHS to help reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Making small changes to your lifestyle now can make a big impact on your future health.

But don’t take our word for – let’s have a chat with Mabel who discovered she was at risk and decided to do something about it. Continue reading

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Celebrating Nutrition and Hydration week in Leeds by raising a glass, or two, strictly teetotal though

From 11th – 17  March join in Nutrition and Hydration week by making a pledge to drink at least the recommended 8 glasses of fluid each day to help prevent dehydrations, falls, and urinary tract infections?

Nutrition and Hydration week is a perfect time to share some of the great work Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s Infection Control Team are undertaking to reduce the amount of E. coli sepsis caused by urine infections. Louise Popple, Infection Prevention and Control can tell us how you can join in this work by drinking plenty and encouraging others to do so as well. Continue reading

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Tackling illicit tobacco helps smokers quit

Illegal Tobacco CBSOutdoor127mmx381mm

Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds City Council Director of Public Health, is backing campaigns to tackle illegal tobacco, help people quit smoking and promote a smoke free generation.  Continue reading

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Celebrating nutrition and hydration week in Leeds with the Trinity Network

Trinity Network members enjoying one of our many social events

Nutrition and Hydration week commences Monday 11 March and this national campaign brings people together to create energy, focus, have fun and educate people on the value of food and drink in maintaining health and wellbeing in health and social care.

Here at Trinity Network we have been planning and thinking of ways we could incorporate even more into our daily routine. As we serve balanced meals every day this isn’t difficult but we did have some new ideas.  So for Nutrition and Hydration Week this year our slogan will be “Trying Something New”. For instance, trying to persuade some of our ‘fussier’ members to eat the more exotic fruits which are now readily available in local supermarkets, also trying to persuade them to try vegetables cooked in a different manner, i.e. steaming them.   Trinity Network is more than just a provider of food for the body it also provides food for the soul, Lynda Williamson, Trinity Network Manager, takes us behind the scenes.

A Trinity Network celebration – all the staff ready to serve lunch

Lynda says: “Trinity Network (Social Opportunities for Older People) runs two centres for the older people within our community based in Leeds 10 and Leeds 11.

We pride ourselves on our ability to serve freshly cooked nutritionally balanced meals to all of our members and both our kitchens have consistently been awarded five star status.

We also offer a meals service and cook freshly prepared meals on site for the 14 luncheon clubs across the City.  Both of our sites serve approximately 1000 meals per month in house and externally. Every year we use a questionnaire to get feedback on the service and find out what type of meal people want to receive.  It is very interesting that while some of our luncheon clubs want lasagne and other pasta dishes with garlic bread others won’t contemplate trying anything other than a traditional meat and two veg.

All of our meals are prepared with members in mind and will always include a selection of fresh seasonal vegetables and fruit.  At Trinity Network we always ensure there is fresh water available at meal times and during the course of the day. During this week we will infuse the water with fresh fruit to try and tempt more into trying water as a first choice and make available some fruit and vegetables they may never have tried before.”

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But it’s not just a hot meal and dessert that Network members benefit from.

Lynda continued: “Many of our members are referred to us to prevent them from feeling socially excluded and to enjoy a hot meal in a friendly atmosphere, in most cases this will be the only cooked meal they will have throughout the day.

Attending Trinity Network prevents isolation which we all know is detrimental to health and wellbeing. Many do not have family members or the support of other adults, we aim to fill this gap by giving them support to achieve a healthier lifestyle. People who are living with dementia also attend and in some cases ‘forget’ to eat, we gently encourage them when it is mealtime.

For many of our members our centre is the only adult company they may receive throughout the day, we strive to make it as inclusive as possible. We are very proud of the fact that many of our members flourish after they begin attending Trinity Network. They come out of their shell and grow in confidence and even begin to eat new things that they may never have attempted before.

Here at Trinity Network we all love our jobs and we all play an important part in the experience, seeing the difference we can make to a person’s people’s life is so satisfying and rewarding, we are often told we are a lifeline.”

Thanks Lynda and all the Trinity Network staff for providing such lovely food and support.

If you would like to find out more about diet and nutrition for older people look at www.leeds.gov.uk/nexthotmeal – this page has information on supporting older, vulnerable people around food with information on:

  • when, where and who to ask for help
  • signposting and referrals
  • questions and resources – that may help you have a positive conversation with someone.
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A Recovery College for Leeds

rec collegeLeeds is getting a Recovery College. But what’s that got to do with mental health and wellbeing? The man in charge of developing it, Simon Burton, explains in this blog, originally posted with Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust.

Continue reading

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Leeds next hot meal campaign – what’s for dinner?

As a carer, paid or voluntary, or a neighbour, or someone close to a vulnerable isolated older person or a health and social care professional such as a social worker or district nurse you may come across someone who is having problems with eating and possibly at risk of malnutrition.

Here in Leeds, like the rest of the UK, our population is not only growing but also ageing. With 152,600 people aged over 60 and growing, we are clear that ageing well is a priority.

At any time in Leeds, there are over 16,500 malnourished people, 90% of people whom are likely to live in the community.

Reasons for malnutrition are varied and may include loneliness, people who have a change in personal circumstances, have mobility problems, don’t know how to cook, don’t know what to cook or who are no longer interested in food.

The new campaign, next hot meal, launched on 22 January 2019, aims to prompt conversations about food and provides suggestions and guidance on how to help by directing people to helpful website. Continue reading

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The Leeds Homeshare housemates with a 71-year age gap

Research from the Centre for Ageing Better confirms that home is where most people want to be, with 80% of homeowners aged 65 and over wishing to stay where they are.  Often older people will have some support needs or may have become isolated or anxious about living alone. This is where Leeds Homeshare can help.

The scheme offers an innovative way of doing this – bringing old and young together in a way which benefits both. Homeshare matches someone who needs some help to live independently in their own home (householder) with someone who has a housing need (homesharer). In return for low cost accommodation the homesharer provides a minimum of 10 hours of support per week to the householder.

The idea is that with reassurance and companionship householders will continue to live full, happy and healthy lives. Householders will also be able to pass on their skills and experience to enrich the lives of those that share with them.

Martha Wilkins, Leeds City Council’s Homeshare Co-ordinator tells us all about Jon and Margaret who are now sharing thanks to Leeds Homeshare. Continue reading

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