Happy, healthy birthday to a hidden gem

The Leeds health and care world is large and complex, with thousands of people working and volunteering in roles which keep people healthier and happier.25-phrc-cake

Heading north from the centre of the city, up Harrogate Road, you might never realise that one of the less well known gems making it easier to deliver better health support is busily at work.

Grace Kelly tells us more… Continue reading

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How a Digital Angel can stop social isolation


At age 80, Vera was feeling that there was not enough for her to do anymore. She spent most of her time sitting alone and watching television, and told her daughter that she was fed up with this way of life. Her daughter bought her a tablet for Christmas as a way to try to help, thinking that if Vera could connect more with the outside world online, she would start to feel better.

Unfortunately, Vera couldn’t quite figure out how to use the tablet by herself, and her daughter couldn’t help because she doesn’t live locally. Luckily Vera found out about Digital Angels and asked how she could get involved. Emily Axel from Time to Shine tells us more about the project.  Continue reading

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Coming Out and Showing Up: An Invite to LGBT History Month


croplgbtComing out and showing up Eleanor Broadbent talks about what flying the rainbow flag for LGBQT History month means.

Eleanor works in Equality and Diversity for St Anne’s Community Services. She is also a representative of Leeds City Council’s LGB&T* Community Hub.   Continue reading

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The Safer Project there to help protect you from doorstep crime and scams


We’ve all had them, letters through the mail guaranteeing us a substantial win and all we have to do is fill in the form, write them a cheque to cover their expenses, send it off and wait for the prize.  Only you never get the prize as they’re just one example of the many scams that exist to trap the vulnerable and the unwary.  And if it’s not the post the endless phone calls saying your computer is running slow and they can help but you have to give them your bank details.  Have you ever been taking in by one of these schemes?  Would you admit it if you had?

 `The SAFER Project’ West Yorkshire Trading Standards, exists to help safeguard older people from scams and doorstep crime.   Continue reading

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Inspire a smoke-free generation and stop smoking


Paul Lambert is a tobacco expert in Leeds City Council’s Public Health team. He’s managed to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) and tell us about how his New Year resolution is doing…

“I know I struggle with my New Year resolutions every year” says Paul “That’s mainly because they’re things I’m trying not to do which I enjoy! So I have every sympathy with people who are starting 2017 with a plan to knock smoking on the head and are finding it tough to keep going.”

“The resolutions I find easiest to keep are the ones where I’m getting support from family, friends and colleagues, along with the ones where I can see a difference.” Continue reading

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How getting to know the community you work in helps strength based social care


‘You can’t know what a person or a community needs, until they first know what they have. ‘ John McKnight, Co-Director, ABCD Institute quotes Mick Ward, Deputy Director, Integrated Commissioning, Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council and Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group.

He adds “As we move further towards implementing ‘strength based social care’, there has been a real focus on ensuring we really understand and can help develop the strengths of individuals seeking support.  However, this has to go hand in hand with understanding what is happening in local communities and neighbourhoods, so we can support people to access local resources, feel connected to their community, and as a result help them to blossom.”  Mick Ward tells us more about this new way of working. Continue reading

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Christmas cheer thanks to Leeds Meals on Wheels


So what sort of Christmas are you having? Nigella, Jamie Oliver or the blessed Delia?  Whoever you choose to follow I’m sure you will add to their menus with favourite foods from your childhood Christmases regardless of whether they are fashionable or not.

For 228 people in Leeds their Christmas meal will be delivered on the day by the Leeds Meals on Wheels team.  Continue reading

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