Presto – the new Leeds City Council service offering a helping hand around the house


At some point in our lives we may all need to call on that extra bit of help. From sweeping the path, to cleaning the house and getting the groceries keeping up with the demands of the home can become a challenge. A new service from Leeds City Council, committed to delivering the highest standards of care and safety is being piloted in Moor Allerton before being rolled out across the city to help people live safe and well at home. I spoke with Katie Goodall, the Project Officer for Presto and asked her to tell me more about the scheme. Continue reading

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End of Life Dignity


An insightful blog following on from last week’s Dying Awareness theme

Originally posted on The Reluctant Blogger:

This week, one of the big news stories was a report from the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO) about an issue where too many patients were dying without dignity.,-ombudsman-service-report-finds

This really resonated with me. I’ve recently read Atul Gawande’s fabulous book on Being Mortal, where he outlines a societal problem across the richer nations where we are so focused on fixing health, that we seem unable to acknowledge and address the different needs of the dying. Instead, we continue to focus on futile heroics, rather than stepping back and considering what is needed to make people happy at the end of their lives. He spoke to the experts from Older People specialists to Hospice Care specialists to help explain the difference, and why a change in focus was so important at the end of life.

I can remember vividly the last year of my beloved Aunt’s life. She…

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Joined up Leeds – ‘Most agree that health information should be shared’

Joined up Leeds2

Back in February we posted a couple of articles about information sharing with a request for people to let us know their views on use of their information. Joined Up Leeds was a two-week conversation where people had the chance to discuss how their health information could and should be shared, the benefits of sharing, concerns they have, and how information could be used for the benefit of people in Leeds.

Firstly a big thank you to all those who took part and encouraged others to do so too. A total of 1,474 people got involved. The Joined Up Leeds Facebook page received 111 likes, post promotions reached 8,084 people, and 492 tweets made 1,102,113 impressions.

We now have the results to share. Continue reading

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Stimulating memories – dealing with dementia


Fascinating stuff – wonder how many more old movies there are with hidden links with people living with dementia?

Originally posted on John Popham's Random Musings:

This morning I was in the kitchen with Radio 4 on, and happened to catch an episode of this week’s Book of the Week, which is “Gold Fever” by Steve Boggan. The book is an account of how the author decided to see if it was possible to make a fortune by re-visiting the sites of the 19th Century Californian Goldrush. I have caught little bits of it throughout the week, and, from what I can tell, he didn’t succeed in making a fortune, but he did come back with some great stories featuring the characters from the original rush, and some from more recent times.

In today’s episode, he was searching for “the man”, the character who had made the most from prospecting gold in recent years. Eventually he tracked down someone who had made a small fortune from rare gold finds, but the gentleman in question now suffers…

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A unique tribute to a unique life – A day in the life of a Funeral Director


Phil Barr, Regional Manager, Co-operative Funeralcare

Phil Barr, Regional Manager at The Co-operative Funeralcare












Ever wondered what work is like in the funeral industry? For Dying Matters awareness week I spoke to Phil Barr, Regional Manager at The Co-operative Funeralcare. I asked Phil about the work he does, what made him want to work in the industry and his thoughts on death, dying and end of life planning.

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Talk, Plan, Live – Why planning for death can help you to live your life


What if you were told you had a week to live? Would those close to you know how best to support you and the wishes you have? Would they know about the plans you’ve made for after your death? For one in ten of us, they wouldn’t. This is why Dying Matters are encouraging people to talk, plan and live for this year’s awareness week on 18 – 24 May and in Leeds we’re opening this conversation with a series of events and discussions. Talking about death can feel uncomfortable, but to get the best end possible we need to break the taboo. Every adult, of whatever age, needs to look ahead and ask “what if?” Continue reading

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Dementia Awareness week and Leeds BAME communities


‘Hamari Yaadain’ café members with ‘The Dearanged Marriage’ play cast at West Yorkshire Playhouse.

This week is Dementia Awareness Week. In the last few years, there has been significant progress in terms of raising awareness, a crucial step towards tackling stigma around dementia. And according to Alzheimer’s Society, there are approximately 800,000 people living with dementia in the UK. 25,000 of these people are from BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities.

I am Ripaljeet Kaur, BME Dementia Worker, at the Touchstone Support Centre.  In my personal capacity as a Dementia Champion, I deliver dementia friends sessions to my local community, aiming to make our communities dementia friendly.

In Leeds, there is a constant push for making the city dementia friendly. All of us can play a role in creating dementia friendly communities.

 My work is to break the stigma attached to dementia and show people that you can ‘live well with dementia’ because ‘life doesn’t stop at dementia’.

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