Why every man needs a shed


Happy shedders

The humble shed or man cave has long been a man’s only personal space – they retreated there to inhale the smell of sawdust, potter about, oil lawnmowers, and perhaps dream of projects yet to come.   Often it has been seen as a bit of a joke, a bit Last of the Summer Wine,  but thanks to the Men in Sheds Leeds scheme the humble shed is now playing a major part in the fight against social isolation in older men.

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All you have to do is a number 3

Bowel Cancer FB1

Bowel cancer is one of the UK’s most common cancer killers and 40,000 people are diagnosed with this illness every year.  This is a worrying statistic.   But what if I told you that early treatment can make all the difference and that there was a test you could do in your own home, at your own convenience, which can detect bowel cancer at an early stage even before you have any symptoms.  Would you be interested?

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Just One Day… to make a big difference to children in Leeds

Just One Day blog photo

Friday 24 April is the first ever ‘Just One Day’.

There’s nothing more local than supporting the Leeds Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal which, this year, is raising funds for the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds would like to personally invite you to raise funds by joining in with, and encouraging others to participate in, Just One Day!

One day a year. That’s not too much time to give to help Children in Leeds, is it?

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Smokefree homes – Take 7 steps out


Paul Lambert is an Advanced Health Improvement Specialist, an expert in tobacco control and health problems caused by tobacco use, with The Office of the Director of Public Health in Leeds.

He’s taking this opportunity to talk about the launch of Take 7 Steps Out in Leeds on 16 April. This is a new campaign to encourage parents and carers to make their home smoke free and – as it says on the tin – ‘Take 7 steps out (side)’.  Continue reading

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Share your views to help improve hospital discharge

Many people need help and support following a hospital stay. To check what kind of help might be required, an assessment is usually done in the hospital before you are discharged. We know this assessment can cause delays so health and care organisations in Leeds are looking at a new way to help people leave hospital as soon as they are well enough.

Instead of waiting in the hospital to have an assessment, you could go home when your treatment was finished, and have the assessment there.

Do you (or someone you care for) have experience with hospital discharge? If so, we’d like your views on how this new approach might work best. We’re holding some discussion groups to find out what people think. Continue reading

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Leeds lights up blue for World Autism Awareness Day


On 2nd April 2015 we will see the world light up blue for World Autism Awareness Day and Leeds will be showing its support again. The Civic Hall, Leeds First Direct Arena, Bridgewater Place and CitiPark (Merrion Centre Car Park) will all be lit up blue to help raise awareness and shine a light on autism.

You too could join in at home by using blue lights, setting up a window display, putting up blue fairy lights or just by wearing something blue on the day and encouraging family, friends, co-workers and staff to do the same. But firstly, surely we need to understand more about autism. So what is it? Continue reading

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“I get by with a little help from my friends”


While living alone doesn’t inevitably lead to social isolation, it is certainly a contributing factor. Anyone can find themselves disconnected from their community or feeling lonely, but older people are particularly at risk. This is because social contacts tend to decrease as we age. It could be from the loss of a spouse or partner, retirement or lack of mobility. And as a situation continues, it’s easy to hide away.

Social isolation is something that is a concern nationally and Age UK has launched their No One Should Have No One campaign to address the issue and get people talking. The social media aspect of the campaign is #NotByMySelfie, which invites people to tweet a photo and the hashtag with at least one friend, acquaintance or family member of an older generation.  But what’s the point of the campaign? It’s to help the millions of older people who face the ups and downs of life almost entirely alone. A photo can speak a thousand words, and a simple selfie shows that we are there for older people. Continue reading

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