“OAP Internet Virgins” – Episode 2 – Wow!


“Don’t think I’m old and past it any more” – don’t let age pigeonhole you age isn’t a reason for not being digitally included

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Roman and Rose from Episode 2 of “OAP Internet Virgins”

I’ve only just had the chance to catch up with Episode 2 of “OAP Internet Virgins” and wow! If anything it might have been better than the first one. Once again it really got to the crux of the drivers to getting older people online for the first time and, front and centre again was the fact that the internet is important to people because of the human connections it allows them to make.

This week 22 year-old Roman Kemp took on the challenge of inducting 71 year-old Rose to the online world. Rose was a willing participant as her 7 grandchildren were at the centre of her life and she recognised they were living their lives in different ways to her. “I want to be in their world”, she said “I don’t want to feel left behind”.


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Unloneliness – what are you talking about?

Unloneliness chain of ideas

Unloneliness chain of ideas

Phil Morcom, who works with Leeds City Council’s communications team, looks back at the recent ‘Unloneliness’ conference held at the Civic Hall, attended by over 120 people.

Of course it isn’t a real word. We made it up when we were working out what to call the conference. I asked people what the opposite was of loneliness. And nothing we came up with was the opposite – just different or unlike it. Have a go. Friendly? Linked? Sociable? See what I mean?

At such times I take great heart from the words of Humpty Dumpty in Lewis Carroll’s “Through the Looking Glass”

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

So we went with unloneliness… Continue reading

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Bravo Beryl – a dementia friendly theatre production



For a person living with dementia visiting the theatre can be a challenging experience or even too much. At the West Yorkshire Playhouse staff and people living with dementia have worked together to remove the barriers that could stop someone with dementia coming to see a show.

Maggie Graham, Dementia Friendly Leeds Campaign Manager, went to the West Yorkshire Playhouse recently for a special dementia friendly performance of Beryl – a play about the Leeds-born female cycling champion from the 1950s.   Continue reading

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Home from hospital providing practical and emotional support



“I love my uniform, I always say to people ‘don’t you think it looks friendly?” says Carol Looby, a volunteer for the Home from Hospital service in Leeds.

Carol works with the Home from Hospital Service which supports people in the immediate post-discharge from hospital period by providing practical support for anything up to 6 weeks. The aim of the service is to ensure a smooth transition for people returning home from hospital a time that, for some people, can be very difficult.  Carol tells us more about what being a volunteer means to her. Continue reading

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Parental guidance not required Active Ageing at the pictures


In response to the rapidly increasing ageing population, four European countries, including the United Kingdom joined together to develop the European Cinema for Active Ageing or CINAGE.  This project offers a new approach to learning for active ageing through the media of film.

Active ageing looks for ways to improve quality of life as people age:  through healthy activities, getting involved in their community and feeling secure. Being actively engaged in activities is associated with reinforced memory function, decreased depression and increased life satisfaction.

Carole Clark, Ageing Well Officer at Leeds City Council talked to David Turner, UK CINAGE Project Co-ordinator from the Northern Film School at Leeds Beckett University, to find out about an exciting Conference and Film Festival taking place on 17 and 18 July to celebrate CINAGEContinue reading

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BEYOND – The new arts festival coming to Leeds


BEYOND launch party June 2015

BEYOND launch party June 2015 Photo credit: D4, Pyramid of Arts

As part of this year’s Learning Disabilities Week, Holy Trinity Church hosted the launch party of BEYOND, a brand new arts festival coming to Leeds in June 2016. BEYOND will celebrate the work of artists, performers and musicians with learning disabilities and aims to bring new textures and dimensions to a body of work you might normally see exhibited in Leeds.

Continue reading

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Let’s raise a cup to Leeds Hydration Week

George enjoys a cup of tea

George enjoys a cup of tea

As usual talking about the weather seems to be a hot topic at the moment and at the slightest hint of sunshine we worry about sun tans and the appropriate SPF factor cream – but is that the only health issue to worry about when the summer finally arrives?  Warmer weather increases water loss, and dehydration affects us all regardless of age but older people and anyone dependent on others for help in getting fluids especially are at a greater risk from dehydration.  This week, 22- 26 June, is Leeds Hydration Week.

Richard Porter, Health Improvement Specialist (Older People) and Chair of the Older People Matters Food Group tells us more about keeping properly hydrated.   Continue reading

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