A Recovery College for Leeds

rec collegeLeeds is getting a Recovery College. But what’s that got to do with mental health and wellbeing? The man in charge of developing it, Simon Burton, explains in this blog, originally posted with Leeds and York Partnership Foundation Trust.

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Leeds next hot meal campaign – what’s for dinner?

As a carer, paid or voluntary, or a neighbour, or someone close to a vulnerable isolated older person or a health and social care professional such as a social worker or district nurse you may come across someone who is having problems with eating and possibly at risk of malnutrition.

Here in Leeds, like the rest of the UK, our population is not only growing but also ageing. With 152,600 people aged over 60 and growing, we are clear that ageing well is a priority.

At any time in Leeds, there are over 16,500 malnourished people, 90% of people whom are likely to live in the community.

Reasons for malnutrition are varied and may include loneliness, people who have a change in personal circumstances, have mobility problems, don’t know how to cook, don’t know what to cook or who are no longer interested in food.

The new campaign, next hot meal, launched on 22 January 2019, aims to prompt conversations about food and provides suggestions and guidance on how to help by directing people to helpful website. Continue reading

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The Leeds Homeshare housemates with a 71-year age gap

Research from the Centre for Ageing Better confirms that home is where most people want to be, with 80% of homeowners aged 65 and over wishing to stay where they are.  Often older people will have some support needs or may have become isolated or anxious about living alone. This is where Leeds Homeshare can help.

The scheme offers an innovative way of doing this – bringing old and young together in a way which benefits both. Homeshare matches someone who needs some help to live independently in their own home (householder) with someone who has a housing need (homesharer). In return for low cost accommodation the homesharer provides a minimum of 10 hours of support per week to the householder.

The idea is that with reassurance and companionship householders will continue to live full, happy and healthy lives. Householders will also be able to pass on their skills and experience to enrich the lives of those that share with them.

Martha Wilkins, Leeds City Council’s Homeshare Co-ordinator tells us all about Jon and Margaret who are now sharing thanks to Leeds Homeshare. Continue reading

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Three Leeds Christmas care wishes for 2019

Cath Roff, Director Adults & Health, Leeds City Council reflects on the year gone past and shares her thoughts and wishes for the new year ahead in a blog article that was originally published by the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership.

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Don’t go slip sliding away- walking safely during wintery weather conditions

Last Christmas we gave you some advice on how to avoid trips and slips in icy conditions – it was so good that this year we thought it worth repeating. Stay warm and safe everyone.

Better Lives for People in Leeds

Slips, trips and falls are the most common types of accident in life affecting any age and, thankfully, often only resulting in minor bumps and bruises. However recent icy conditions have led to quite a few unexpected trips, and some of those can end up as visits to A&E.

You may feel that the only thing to do is hibernate, get the shopping brought in and stay on the sofa under your favourite blanket.  But there are precautions you can take so that you can have a safe, upright Christmas.

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Writing Back: a pen pal programme for Leeds students and older people

An older participant with her two student pen pals

This time of year is a busy one for the Royal Mail – cards and parcels all needing to be delivered before Christmas.  The rattle of the letterbox and the sounds of cards falling onto the carpet is one most people look forward too: but often with age the number of cards decrease as people lose touch or death reduces the number of friends and so a visit from the postie become less frequent.  And it’s not just older people who can feel lonely at this time of year, students too can feel alone, especially if a long way from home.

Writing Back is a volunteer, letter-writing project that matches University of Leeds students as pen pals with older, Yorkshire residents. Founded by Dr Georgina Binnie in 2014, the scheme also aims to shed new light on loneliness in people of different age groups.

An international postgraduate student and her older pen pal meet at an Easter 2018 event

Georgina was inspired to set up the project after volunteering at a local care home and teaching students at the University. She recognised that loneliness wasn’t only confined to the care home’s residents; instead, many of the students that she taught also sometimes felt homesick and expressed a desire to better connect with the community.

From an initial group of 28 participants, the scheme has grown to include 45 Faculty of Arts, Language and Cultures undergraduate students, 45 international postgraduate students and 71 older participants. Some of the project’s older pen pals write to more than one student and many have taken part in the project for several years!

Dr Georgina told us: “Our undergraduate students enjoy writing letters and often find that corresponding with an older member of the community helps them to settle into life in Leeds. For our international postgraduate students, most of whom are new to the UK, writing to a Yorkshire resident can allow them to engage in rich cultural exchanges, sharing thoughts and traditions with their older partners.”

A student and her older pen pal enjoy lunch at the University, having corresponded since 2014

Our Undergraduate Students say…

Anna: “This has been really fun, my pen pal is fab! It made me a lot less scared of speaking to people older than me as I realised we have a lot in common. And that I should be confident about myself because I do have things to say to someone who has had a longer life than me”.

Our International Postgraduate Students say…

Beatrice: “Being a part of the Writing Back project has been one of the highlights of my life here at Leeds. Since the beginning of the project, my impression of older people in Yorkshire specifically has changed as they have given me an insight into British culture from their perspective. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Our Older Pen Pals say…

Margaret T: “I have enjoyed writing to and receiving letters from my international penfriend. Her view of the world is so much broader than mine and her command of English and neatness of handwriting put me to shame! Despite her extensive travels I detect that she may miss home and family and I try to provide a warm “surrogate granny” experience for her. The impact on my life is that once again I am in touch with young people and I love to feel part of the modern world”.

Margaret A: “An enjoyable experience and a lovely learning curve for older citizens and their students. I have two students at present and a post grad who still keeps in touch. Have I learned much from them? One of my students and I now have a greater understanding of our respective faiths and that is for the good. Writing letters may be out of date but each one of my pen friends have said the same to me, that the letter on the mat is special and thrilling”.

Dr Georgina Binnie, G.E.Binnie@leeds.ac.uk

Pen pals are matched up with one another based on common interests and hobbies and letters are exchanged via Georgina at the University. Contact isn’t only confined to paper; students and older members have the chance to meet up with one another in person at bi-annual lunch events, which are always extremely popular. You can watch a video of some of the pen pals meeting for the first time here.

Despite an age-gap of 60+ years between many of the pen pals, participants soon find that friendships develop. Particularly as Christmas approaches, putting pen to paper can have a real impact.

Georgina works with Neighbourhood Networks and charities from across Yorkshire to find older letter writers. Older pen pals can also self-refer to the project by contacting Georgina on 0113 343 6189, emailing G.E.Binnie@leeds.ac.uk or writing to Writing Back, School of English, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT.

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How Leeds Home Plus service can help this winter

Winter sunshine is always welcome during the shorter days but though beautiful to look at often means it’s frosty, icy underfoot and cold.  This poses difficulties for many people whether it be heating the home, risking falls by going out to the shops or being lonely because they stay inside.  But where can people go for help?

Here in Leeds there is Home Plus – a new service aimed at helping people maintain their independence through improving health at home, helping to prevent falls and cold related health conditions.

So if you know someone who may be at serious risk of falls, struggling to heat their home or pay bills or need support with hazard repairs, Home Plus is there to help.

The service is delivered by Care & Repair Leeds in partnership with Groundwork Leeds and Age UK Leeds. Continue reading

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