Shaping the voice and values of social work


In our latest update from Leeds Adult Social Care Services leadership team, Shona McFarlane, Chief Officer for Access and Care Delivery, shares her thoughts on what it will take to provide outstanding social care.

Leeds has aspirations to be the best city in which to grow old. Add to this the focus on having a strong economy and a being a compassionate city and we have a great foundation for providing really effective social care services.

We have an amazing range of community services, both provided and commissioned and an outstanding third sector. It is also clear that people in Leeds have a huge commitment to volunteering and contributing to their local community but one area we need to develop a better focus on is personalised and person centred services. Continue reading

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Getting to you know you – why looking after older neighbours is a good idea


As wintery conditions start to bite, it is more important than ever to think about the older people around you.  Particularly those who might be alone and vulnerable because of the lack of family and friends, or who are unable to get out and about. Cold weather can mean an increase in the incidence of heart attack, stroke, respiratory disease, influenza, falls/injuries and hypothermia.

Loneliness is also a major issue, figures from Silverline, a national helpline for older people showed that in the first six months of their operation in the winter of 2013/14, 53,000 calls received were from people living alone who said they have absolutely nobody else they can talk to. Age UK’s website tells us that 1 million older people go a month without talking to anyone.

These are all well known facts, and there are local and national initiatives to help vulnerable people living alone. But we can  make a difference. If you know an older person, or a couple why not pop in or give them a ring to see how they are and check that they are staying warm, well and safe. Age UK’s advice on health and wellbeing recommends at least one hot meal a day, with hot drinks and a balanced diet, and there is lots more information about winter wellbeing.  So what can you do? Continue reading

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Health and Wellbeing Board meetings seek solutions to city’s future health and care challenges

PrintThis month is unusual. We have two meetings of the Health and Wellbeing Board, the cross-city meeting where leaders from across the health and care sector in Leeds work strategically together to see how we can most effectively meet the health and care challenges of the city.  Councillor Lisa Mulherin, Chair of Leeds Health and Wellbeing board explains the challenges the Board faces.  Continue reading

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ALL hands to the pumps

Steven, Suzy Tina and Julie with Katie after receiving the news that they will be coming with us to Roseville till ALL

Following flooding damage to our Assisted Living Leeds (ALL) centre on Clarence Road on Boxing Day, a recovery plan was put in place to make sure critical community equipment and Tele Care services could still operate and would not delay hospital discharges over Christmas. More on the temporary arrangements here but a huge thank you to everyone for their support and in helping to spread the word.

This post aims to tell the little ‘big’ stories in our on-going recovery. Continue reading

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When the day is done and the ball is spun helping the Sporting Memories Network

YCF pic

Social isolation and loneliness is believed to affect around 15 per cent of older people.  And there are many imaginative ways of combating this such as the Sporting Memories Network which helps reconnect isolated individuals through their love of sport and offers a great chance for people to meet fellow fans, make new friendships and enjoy stimulating, fun activities that can have a real benefit to their health.   And there is a way for you to get involved too.  Continue reading

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When quitting is a good thing

breathe-web-banner-300x250pxJanuary is possibly the gloomiest month of the year – short days, long dark nights, bad weather and the aftermath of all the festivities may have taken a toll on our finances as well as our health. However it’s also the time of the year when people are more likely to commit to bit of a health kick – often joining a gym (at quite an expense), drinking less alcohol or trying a healthier diet.

However, if you smoke, one of the most effective things you can do to improve your health (as well as your finances) is to stop smoking. And January is the most popular time to do it, with more people quitting in this month than any other time of the year.

So what’s the best way to kick the habit?   Continue reading

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Information following flooding at Assisted Living Leeds


The Assisted Living Leeds (ALL) centre on Clarence Road in Leeds was badly affected by recent flooding. Significant damage was caused taking it out of service as a ‘one stop’ for assistive living services in Leeds. The building houses Leeds Community Equipment Services, Tele Care services, Blue Badge assessments and various care training such as manual handling and lifting for people like occupational therapists and those caring for others. Continue reading

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