ALL aboard for new job opportunities for Roseville staff

Photo of the outside of the Assisted Living Leeds building

Assisted Living Leeds

A positive change in the lives of six people with learning disabilities marked the end of an era for Adult Social Care services as The Roseville Laundry finally closed! Continue reading

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Paying it forward; it all starts with a chat

Unloneliness chain of ideas

Chain of pledges at the Unloneliness Conference

“Rather than being the saviours of our communities, the public sector is being encouraged to step back and empower citizens to be the agents of their own destiny” says Bryony Lawless, who works for Health Partnerships in Leeds City Council, and helped to organise the city’s first Unloneliness Conference this July.

The Conference set out to encourage more people in the city to take an assets-based approach to working with communities to help reduce social isolation.  An assets-based approach is based on the principle that communities have many of the assets and resources they need to resolve issues in their lives.  This glass half full view of communities completely flips the usual dynamic between organisations and the people they work with.  Bryony updates us on the impact the conference had. Continue reading

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Dennis Holmes – “It’s goodbye from me…”

DHPlease crave my indulgence for a longer than usual post as it’s my last blog as deputy, but I do intend to take to Twitter in future weeks as I contemplate life as a Leeds resident rather than resident and council employee!! Continue reading

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Rebuilding the city one LEGO brick at a time and planning Darth Vader’s funeral – It’s all in a days work


Our representation of an Age Friendly Leeds.

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than you can from a lifetime of conversation” – Plato

Carole Clark, Leeds City Council Ageing Well Officer, tells us about her experience using LEGO® Serious Play® to help design an age friendly Leeds and also how she got on redesigning death.  Continue reading

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Rave your way into the day – the new way to start your morning


It’s 6:30am and the dancefloor’s full!

Getting up before 5am on a Wednesday morning to fit in three hours of dancing before heading to work may fill the majority of us with fear. Yet, for the brave few, the new ‘breakfast rave’ formally known as Morning Gloryville is rapidly becoming a preferred choice over the traditional early morning gym session. Having been to the events in Leeds since they started in February this year, I was interested to find out more about this new ‘raveolution’.

Continue reading

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Design your smokefree playground poster


Great competition for Leeds children to take part in this summer.

Originally posted on Child friendly Leeds::

Smokefree playgrounds 1

One of the ways Leeds City Council is making Leeds a better city for children and young people to grow up in, is by ensuring they have the support they need to lead healthy lives.

As part of this support, the council intends to introduce a smoking ban in playgrounds around the city so young people are protected from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke and see less smoking happening as they grow up.

But we can’t do this alone!

That’s why we’re asking young people to help us get the message out there and let people know about the new playground smoking ban.

We’re teaming up with the Yorkshire Evening Post to ask young people to use their creativity to create a no smoking design that promotes a happy, healthy smokefree message, and can be used to promote the campaign in playgrounds across the city.

Designs should be positive…

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Committed citizens can change the world

8024-2How can we get the patients’ viewpoint?  Encourage feedback for the wider public in engagements and patient experience?  By becoming a Patient Leader.

Gwen Oates, Dementia Cafe Co-ordinator for the Alzheimer’s Society (and now Patient Leader) tells us more about what being a Patient Leader actually means.

“Recently I joined the Patient Leader programme that has been developed by NHS Leeds West CCG expertly guided by the CCG’s Engagement Lead, Chris Bridle.

Put simply a Patient Leader’s job is to champion the voice of the wider community.” Continue reading

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