Supporting World Hepatitis Day

achievement_-_enIn 2010 the World Health Organization made World Hepatitis Day one of only four official disease-specific world health days, to be celebrated each year on the 28th July. This year World Hepatitis Day is promoting NOhep, campaigning to eliminate viral hepatitis. Hepatitis is a global killer, claiming 1.4 million lives per year – more than HIV/AIDs or malaria.

Dawn Bailey from Leeds City Council’s Public Health team is a Health Improvement Principal dealing with Health Protection. She has been actively involved dealing with Hepatitis in Leeds in recent years and explains why she is backing World Hepatitis Day.

Some diseases hit the headlines more than others, whether rightly or wrongly. That means many of us aren’t as aware of the potential impact of infections as others and miss a chance to take simple steps to prevent catching and spreading bugs and illness…  Continue reading

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Who you gonna call? The Leeds Directory, that’s who


Where can you go to get information that you trust about services and organisations to help you, your friends, and relatives live their lives as well as possible?   Leeds Directory is just what you need.

As Mrs H. from Pudsey had found “There are people out there but they are not reliable… it is nice to think that someone will ring you back or come to see you”.

A major step in improving the lives of older, disabled, and vulnerable people in Leeds is keeping their independence and the Leeds Directory provides the information that puts that power back in the hands of the individual.

There are over 1900 organisations and services listed to assist and support people to live independently. Organisations providing services around the home and garden, personal care or trades are checked and vetted for peace of mind. These providers are marked with the Directory’s Green Tick so you know they can be trusted.

Leeds Directory, Marketing and Development Officer, Dean Butcher tells us more about the last year. Continue reading

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Flying the flag for Leeds in Eurocities

An update on the fantastic work of Pria Bhabra and the Migrant Access Project

International Relations Leeds

Pria Bhabra, Commissioning Officer (Migrant Access) talks about her recent trip to Eurocities and what it does and why it matters now more than ever.


Eurocitiesis a networkwhich represents130 cities across Europe. It aims to improve quality of life by sharing knowledge and good practice between cities across Europe. Leeds City Council is a member of the network, and works closely with the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University on Eurocities matters. More information is available at

“I was really excited when I was nominated in a cross Europe competition to work with Eurocities and I was even more excited (and nervous) when selected to go on a two day seminar and two day secondment in the heart of the European Union city of Brussels. The whole trip was funded by the Eurocities programme.

A total of 16 delegates attended the seminar, representing cities from all over Europe…

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Nothing about us without us – National Co-production Week

older and younger women

We are celebrating SCIE’s National Co-production Week Monday 4 – Friday 8 July as the first national event of its kind showing the benefits of co-production, sharing good practice and highlighting the contribution of people who use services and carers to developing better public services.

So what is co-production?

Put simply, it is about working in an open, honest and transparent way with experts – be they service users, service providers, clinicians or GPs – to design or develop services which work for them all. The approach is built on the idea that those affected by a service are best placed to help design it whether as service users or providers.

Co-production offers the chance to transform social care and health provision to a model that offers people real choice, control and quality.

Here in Leeds Michelle Atkinson, commissioning manager, Adult Social Care, Leeds City Council tells us how co-production helped create a new approach to commissioning new ways to provide home care services being delivered from July 2016.  Continue reading

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Living independently thanks to Cottingley Court Transitional Unit


People with mental health issues often struggle to live independently within the community and can, face harassment or discrimination from the wider public. For those who don’t have a family network or access to support, they can feel isolated and become very detached from the world around them. This in turn can act as a trigger for additional mental health issues such as depression or anxiety and in many case people will turn to substance and alcohol misuse.

For many in the service like James this is a familiar story. However, with support from a range of agencies, including Cottingley Court Transitional Housing Unit, people like him can begin to gradually improve their lives.

Bushra Zamam , a social work student on placement at Cottingley Court,  interviews James about his story.  Continue reading

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Are you fallproof?


Have you, or someone you know had a fall recently? It might surprise you to know that over 30% of men and women aged 65 and over will have at least one fall per year; increasing to 85% for the over 85’s.  Sadly the consequences of falls can go far beyond a few bumps and bruises.  In the older population this can lead to a vicious circle of fear,  loss of confidence, a reduction in activity, and therefore a loss of strength, stability and balance which, you’ve guessed it; results in an increased risk of falls. Of course, falling can happen at any age.

There are many ways in which to decrease your risk – welcome to Make it Fallproof, a campaign for anyone who is worried about falling and provides information from fallproofing your home to recommending exercise classes to keep those muscles and bones strong and healthy.

Leann Clarke, is a Health and Wellbeing coach, who works in a team of exercise specialists running exercise programmes including weight management, cardiac rehabilitation and falls prevention. They work in various leisure and community centres with people who often have other comorbidities (medical conditions associated with their main condition; eg diabetes in the weight management group, osteoporosis in the falls groups) so the team is highly qualified in exercise referral and specialist conditions. Leann tells us more about falls prevention.  Continue reading

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Why it’s important to keep your glass half full during Hydration week


This week here in Leeds is Hydration Week  June 13th – 19th– are you ready to take up the challenge?

With the summer months ahead of us we can be sure that extreme temperatures will occur or even the occasional hot spell   This year’s Hydration Week focuses our attention on the importance of keeping hydrated and cool. The average adult body is made up of over 60% water? Water is vital to life and our health so keeping hydrated is one of a few essential steps to a long and healthy life. Water boosts our metabolism, it can help with fatigue, to fight illnesses as it improves our circulation and carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells. It is used to build every cell in your body. But……. are you drinking enough?

Derek Johnson, Principal Catering Manager at Leeds City Council tells us more. Continue reading

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