How to beat the odds in Leeds without making a bet

Are you one of those people who only joins in the office sweepstake or the Christmas raffle or are you one of those people who enjoys a fun night at the Casino?  Or have you never gambled at all?  For the majority of people gambling is a safe, sociable and enjoyable leisure activity.  For others gambling can be addictive and cause harm for themselves and their families.

Many of us like to place the odd bet or play the lottery – and it’s only a problem for about 9 people in every 1000.  Gambling is often considered a hidden addiction, but it is thought a further 40 people out of every 1000 gamble at risky levels that can become a problem in the future.  In Leeds the problem gambling rates are broadly twice the national average.

But having the odd flutter doesn’t really harm, does it? Continue reading

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Flu Mythbusting


The recent flu outbreak in Australia shows that children and older adults are still two of the most vulnerable age groups .   Here in the UK we are just entering into our flu season and there is still time to get a flu jab sorted out.  Although this is the simplest way to protect yourself, your family, workmates and possibly the vulnerable people you work with some people are still unconvinced.

Vaccines are one of the greatest public health innovations in recent history and no other medical intervention has done more to save lives. The flu vaccine has been proved to reduce the number of deaths and hospital admissions. Studies have shown that the flu jab does work and will help prevent you getting the flu. It’s not difficult to get a flu jab you can even get one while you’re doing your weekly shop in a supermarket so why are we all so reluctant?   Read on to find out the answers Continue reading

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Leeds’ International Older Persons Day – Diversity of Older People

This year the International Day of Older Persons takes place on 1st October and the theme is: ‘Diversity of Older People’.

All sorts of exciting events will take place across Leeds between 1st and 10th October.

Although they are all for older people, some aimed at the general public, others are only for members of the host organisation. But we want to extend the invitation to you as well – if you wish to go along to an event that is open to the public please contact the host in advance, their contact details are listed along with the events details.  And even if you can’t go you may know someone in the area who can,  just let them know.

Continue reading

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Three golden rules – hints and tips for less stressful caring for Leeds Dementia carer’s

Many people living with dementia rely on the love, support and care of family members, friends and unpaid carers. This week was National Dementia Carers’ Day, which was established to share, recognise, and support this crucial role.  How can you empower anyone with dementia so they can stay involved in social situations is one of the frequently asked question.

Karen Thornton runs Care 24-7 which provides a unique service to people who have been diagnosed with dementia and a support service to their loved ones, family and friends.  Karen and her staff have deliberately sought out practical advice and training to help look after those living with dementia and their carers which is how she discovered the Contented Dementia Trust  and SPECAL.   Continue reading

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Celebrating success and positive alternatives – Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service

Leeds SBS logo_smallLaura Pattison works with Leeds Suicide Bereavement Service. Before working at LSBS, Laura worked for St Gemma’s Hospice and was part of the teams which completed service evaluations for Women’s Health and Counselling and Leeds Survivor Led Crisis Centre. In her blog she explains more about the service and highlights their upcoming event. Continue reading

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How Friendly Fridays help living with memory loss

September is  World Alzheimer’s Month and the theme is “Remember Me” so we are looking at a group that helps people living with dementia or Alzheimers.

Living with memory loss is challenging not just for the person with memory loss but also for their carers, family and friends as everyone experiences memory loss and dementia in a unique way. Being able to attend group sessions can provide opportunities to learn about living well with memory loss. It also provides the opportunity to meet and socialise with others in a similar situation.

At Neighbourhood Action in Farnley, New Farnley & Moor Top they host what they call “Friendly Friday” – a weekly memory loss group.

Nikki Pattinson, Memory Loss Worker at Neighbourhood Action tells us more about the group and what they get up to. Continue reading

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A #WorldPhotoDay thank you!

Thank you to everyone that snapped up the opportunity to share their photos with Age Friendly Leeds for World Photo Day! Here are just a few from the great selection that was received…


Continue reading

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