Celebrating Leeds Disabled Access day 2017

Money skills workshop at Leep 1

Money skills workshop at Leep 1

Have you heard of Disabled Access Day?  No? Well, it’s a day for disabled people to celebrate good access and take up opportunities to try something new. About highlighting the fantastic access that already exists in places, such as touch tours, relaxed performances, sensory experiences, level access and of course a warm welcome.

As the event has got so popular this year the event has expanded to three days 10th – 12th March. If you want to find out what’s happening look at the Disabled Access Day website.

Emma Horsfall is a Community Banker at Barclays Bank, one of the official sponsors of the day, and she tells us how Leeds will be celebrating Disabled Access Day.     Continue reading

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Marching for Men to stop prostate cancer becoming a killer


1 in 8 men are expected to get prostate cancer in their lifetime.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the UK, with over 47,000 new cases diagnosed every year, that’s 130 men every day.

March is prostate cancer awareness month so we thought we’d explain a bit about it and highlight Prostate UK’s March for Men campaign and an event taking place at Roundhay Park, Leeds, later in the year.

Continue reading

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Shared tables not separate tables

old-man-looking-sad-eating-aloneThere might be a number of reasons that people eat alone. It could be that they can’t physically get out of their homes, or that they don’t have anyone to go out for a meal with.  More than a Mealtime’s Shared Tables project, a scheme set up by Cross Gates and District Good Neighbours’ Scheme, brings people together so they can solve both problems.   Emily Axel, of the Time To Shine project reports on this lovely scheme. Continue reading

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Happy, healthy birthday to a hidden gem

The Leeds health and care world is large and complex, with thousands of people working and volunteering in roles which keep people healthier and happier.25-phrc-cake

Heading north from the centre of the city, up Harrogate Road, you might never realise that one of the less well known gems making it easier to deliver better health support is busily at work.

Grace Kelly tells us more… Continue reading

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How a Digital Angel can stop social isolation


At age 80, Vera was feeling that there was not enough for her to do anymore. She spent most of her time sitting alone and watching television, and told her daughter that she was fed up with this way of life. Her daughter bought her a tablet for Christmas as a way to try to help, thinking that if Vera could connect more with the outside world online, she would start to feel better.

Unfortunately, Vera couldn’t quite figure out how to use the tablet by herself, and her daughter couldn’t help because she doesn’t live locally. Luckily Vera found out about Digital Angels and asked how she could get involved. Emily Axel from Time to Shine tells us more about the project.  Continue reading

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Coming Out and Showing Up: An Invite to LGBT History Month


croplgbtComing out and showing up Eleanor Broadbent talks about what flying the rainbow flag for LGBQT History month means.

Eleanor works in Equality and Diversity for St Anne’s Community Services. She is also a representative of Leeds City Council’s LGB&T* Community Hub.   Continue reading

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The Safer Project there to help protect you from doorstep crime and scams


We’ve all had them, letters through the mail guaranteeing us a substantial win and all we have to do is fill in the form, write them a cheque to cover their expenses, send it off and wait for the prize.  Only you never get the prize as they’re just one example of the many scams that exist to trap the vulnerable and the unwary.  And if it’s not the post the endless phone calls saying your computer is running slow and they can help but you have to give them your bank details.  Have you ever been taking in by one of these schemes?  Would you admit it if you had?

 `The SAFER Project’ West Yorkshire Trading Standards, exists to help safeguard older people from scams and doorstep crime.   Continue reading

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