Why nothing is so important it can’t wait – National Road Victim month

This month is National Road Victim month.  Although this isn’t a particularly uplifting topic, Becky James, Team Leader- Road Safety, talks about why we should all be supporting it.

Becky James

“In 2016, 2549 people were killed or injured on the roads in Leeds. That’s approximately 49 people per week or 7 per day.  In fact about 6 people a week killed or seriously injured on the roads in our district. Shocked?  Well, I work in the field, so I’m sadly, I’m not, but I know when I talk to people about my job and why I do it, lots are. They simply don’t expect the figures to be so high.” Continue reading

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Cara: Bringing Leeds Irish People Together

“We used to go to the St Francis dances on a Saturday, we all collected there and at Rosary Church on a Sunday afternoon: where is there for us now, at our age?” Cara participant Ethna, RIP, recently lost to us, asks.

“Ah well now Ethna, that’s what we are working on”

Sara Allkins, Cara Project Worker reports on the exciting Cara project and what’s happened during its first year. Continue reading

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In Leeds Winter is coming – Winter wellbeing grants and 100 Winter Friends

But we’re still in August, the kids are still off school, we could have an Indian Summer.  All of this is true but there are some things we need to start planning ahead for – the 2017 Winter Wellbeing Small Grants fund is one of them and training to become a Winter Friend is another.

Rebekah Cutter, Project Support Officer (Graduate Scheme) reports back on previous successful Winter Wellbeing Smalls Grants projects and tells us why we want 100 Winter friends.   Continue reading

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Pop-up! Dementia Friendly Leeds Awareness Choir

Dementia is a common condition that is commonly misunderstood. Stigma and fear can lead to people losing confidence to do the things they’ve always done, and consequently becoming socially isolated. Dementia Friendly Leeds took a creative approach to overcoming some of the misunderstandings.

So during Dementia Awareness Week 2017 they held a pop up choir to surprise shoppers in St Johns Shopping Centre, and raise positive awareness of dementia.  Sarah Goodyear, Leeds Older People’s Forum Dementia Friendly Worker, tells us what went on. Continue reading

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Understand, act: Becoming a Dementia Friend for World Friendship Day

Dementia Friends Pin Badge

Did you know 30 July was World Friendship Day? Many of us consider ourselves a friend to someone or many people infact, but have you ever stopped to consider what friendship truly is? Or how you could be doing more as a friend? If you were aware that it was World Friendship Day last week, what did you do celebrate? Mollie Robinson, Communications Assistant, Leeds City Council, tells us what she did.

Continue reading

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Transforming lives with Leeds Libraries’ tablet lending scheme

For the last few months Leeds Libraries have been working on a pilot scheme aimed at boosting digital inclusion in the city.

The tablet lending scheme shows people the positive changes that can be made to their lives from being online. 

 Ian McArdle, Communities Librarian (West Leeds)/ Digital Engagement Librarian tells us more about the scheme. Continue reading

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Changing what’s wrong to what’s strong Better Lives Leeds and co-production

This week is Co-production Week – a celebration of the benefits of co-production, shared good practice and the contribution of people who use services to improving and developing those services. It’s all about working with people, through an equal partnership with service users, families, citizens, carers, to give people more choice and control over their social care and support.

Working with people to develop services is a central theme in Leeds City Council’s Better Lives Strategy which sets out a new approach to the meeting of adult social care needs, Through Better Living, Better Conversations and Better Connections. The focus is on identifying people at risk of needing social care earlier and working with them, not doing to or for them, to identify solutions that support them, improve their overall health and wellbeing and help them live more independently, for longer. Cath Roff, Leeds City Council director for adults and health, explains all in her video blog 

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