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Holt Park Active – seven months on.

Holt Park Active was hailed as a new and exciting idea. In fact, it was described as a different sort of centre, aimed at giving a much wider range of opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to be … Continue reading

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Unpicking the Care Bill

One of the main purposes of this blog is to encourage people who are leading changes in health and social care services in Leeds to explain, simply, what is happening and how they are trying make it happen. Our latest newbie blogger is Sukhdev Dosanjh, Chief … Continue reading

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A pledge to make our city the best it can be

The Yorkshire Evening Post launched a new survey this week to find out what sort of city people in Leeds want to live in. It’s got the backing of senior leaders in the city including our own Chief Executive, Tom … Continue reading

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Reader feedback – please tell us what you think

Happy New Year. We thought we might use the first post of the year to ask what you think about the Better Lives blog; what it might cover in 2014; what you’d like it to cover and how it might be … Continue reading

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So does this blog work for you?

It’s been nearly two months since we started this blog. In that time we’ve published 36 articles covering the way care and support services are changing or are delivered in different ways and what people getting these services think of … Continue reading

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