Spotting the signs saved my life


It’s hard to try and influence someone to do something when you haven’t experienced that ‘something’ first hand, but the more I read about cancer, the more I am convinced that diagnosing cancer in its earlier stages often makes it easier to treat, meaning the chances of recovering are much better. Julia’s story, one of countless others, supports this:

JuliaI noticed a lump in my breast and went to see my doctor the very next day. Within a week I was having tests and scans and I then started treatment right away.  I am now living life to the full and enjoying the things I love to do like pottering round the garden and spending time with my family.”

Here’s another real life account from Joan, aged 81.

”For many years I examined my breasts fairly regularly. Then in 2005 I noticed a change in my breast – a small lump – so I made an appointment to see my doctor. He sent me for tests and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I used to work in a hospital, which I think helped me deal with finding out I had cancer, and my brother and my friends have been very supportive. My treatment included radiotherapy, surgery and hormone therapy, and my appointments with the Breast Care Unit will carry on for a while. I still do the things I used to do and more. I’m very involved in my local community and I’m also an active supporter of Breakthrough Breast Cancer. I’m glad I didn’t leave it any longer before going to my doctor. Many women over the age of 70 don’t realise that they’re at risk of breast cancer, so it’s very important if you notice any changes in your breasts to see your doctor straight away.”

Finding and treating cancer quickly, before it spreads to other parts of the body, can make a big difference – the evidence is there. If you needed help and wanted to see your GP, maybe this video will convince you to act now.

And for support in Yorkshire, there’s plenty of support and information available. Just go to the Macmillian site and see what’s near you.

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