Getting confidence back through the independent living team

getting confidence back through independent living team

Susie, mum Wendy and staff from the independent living team

Susie is a very unusual young woman. Like a lot of people her age she likes makeup, music and handbags – and she wouldn’t be without her mobile phone! She’s also a qualified beauty therapist and has a BTEC National Diploma in Business Administration and Law.

Unlike most people her age Susie has coped for the past 14 years with a brain tumour. Diagnosed at age 10, Susie is no stranger to hospitals and the SkILs (Independent Living) team became involved after a fall and a bump to the head left her with poor mobility and a very worried mum. As Susie says, “My mum wasn’t happy about leaving me on a morning.”

Kathy and Elaine from the team helped Susie regain some confidence with things like using the oven and showering. She also has various pieces of equipment such as a falls bracelet, perching stool, pills dispenser and even a talking jug!

The teamwork is obvious, with a holistic approach to the support for Susie. “We do get involved with the family as well,” says Kathy.

Wendy, Susie’s mum, is very pleased with the speed at which thing happened once the SkILs team became involved.

Everyone is pleased with Susie’s progress; from lacking in confidence using the oven and needing help in the shower, Susie is back to baking and cooking and showering by herself.

Kathy says, “When we first came in we had to actually be in the bathroom with Susie when she was getting a shower…then we’d get to where we were waiting outside, ready for her to shout, then got where we didn’t do anything.’’

Of the SkILs staff Susie says, “They gave me my confidence back, they helped me. Mum still won’t let me climb ladders, though!”

For more information about our SkILS team, see our Reablement webpage

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