Could you be a Leeds Winter Friend?

This week the Winter Friends campaign was launched as part of the 2020 Stay Well this Winter conference. One of the aims is to encourage 100 people to sign up as Winter Friends and support the people in their local community. You may already be acting as one without realising it. So what makes a Winter Friend?A Winter Friend is

“Ged who does a weekly food shop for his neighbour, Beryl, who can’t get out of the house because of a medical condition.”

“Freddie who every night, without fail at 10.15 pm, before bedtime, opens the curtains so he and his neighbour (she is in her late 80s) can give each other a wave to say goodnight. He checks on her at the weekend and would know if anything had happened because of their daily routine.”

A Winter Friend is someone you can count on. A friendly and helpful member of the community who genuinely cares about the wellbeing of the people around them.

They are thoughtful, approachable and never judgemental – sensing when someone needs a bit of support and offering a hand without expecting anything in return.

It could be something as simple as helping out with day-to-day tasks from gritting a neighbour’s path when it gets icy to sharing local knowledge or a warming winter recipe

So whether you’re already doing something great, or are thinking of reaching out to someone for the first time or would like to know more, Michelle, our Winter Friends Coordinator, would love to hear from you. She can offer support along the way and answer any questions you might have.

So, email or call 0113 318 3051 or sign up here to receive your very own pack, full of advice and inspiration about how to be a Winter Friend.

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