How to stay well this winter ? Get a flu jab

We’ve had a bit of a cold snap in the last couple of days, sunny days becoming frosty nights, it’s time to get out jumpers and fleecy tops. The flu season is upon us and some  may well have already started sneezing and coughing.  What can you do to protect yourself, your family, workmates and possibly the vulnerable people you work with?

Vaccines are one of the greatest public health innovations in recent history and no other medical intervention has done more to save lives. The flu vaccine has been proved to reduce the number of deaths and hospital admissions. Studies have shown that the flu jab does work and will help prevent you getting the flu. It’s not difficult to get a flu jab you can even get one while you’re doing your weekly shop in a supermarket so why are we all so reluctant? Read on to find out the answers to some common queries about the flu jab.

Here is also lots more information about fighting flu.
So don’t wait until there is a flu outbreak this winter: get your flu jab now.

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