Leeds Care Record – working together to improve your care

Leeds Care Record is a joined-up digital care record which enables clinical and care staff to view real-time health and care information across care providers and between different systems. It is a secure computer system that brings together certain important information about patients who have used services provided by their GP, at a local hospital, community healthcare, social services or mental health teams.

Julia Millman, Programme Manager, Leeds Care Record tells us more about what it’s like working on the programme and why she is so passionate about it.

Julia says: “Four years ago I got the opportunity of a lifetime to work on a digital project called Leeds Care Record.  Leeds Care Record is fantastic because it makes our lives better by joining together our medical and care data.   When you visit clinical or care staff, they have the information they need to make better decisions with you about your care.

I’ve lived in Leeds all my life and my children were born at LGI, that’s why I’m so enthusiastic about my job.  Leeds Care Record makes my family’s life better without a doubt – the benefits are  Right time, Right place, Right decision

Before 2014, I thought the NHS was one big organisation that could share information across services – little did I know. We have just celebrated NHS 70th Birthday and as it’s grown over the years many organisations have been created to provide different types of care.  In reality, there are thousands of different providers doing their best to work together to improve our care.  This has created a digital challenge because information about you held by one care provider is not necessarily shared with staff in a different care setting who may also be involved in your care.  It needs to be joined together and that’s why we’ve built the Leeds Care Record.

Our expectations of  what a good service is have also moved on a long way since the 1940s – we want information to be available at the touch of a button, to the right people, at the right time so that decisions can be made quickly – we don’t want to wait.  .  Leeds Care Record allows this, for example, if you attend A&E, the consultant can access your record  and understand what pills your GP has prescribed  – this saves you having to explaining everything particularly if you are feeling very poorly.

It’s not just technology is also about people


The most exciting thing about Leeds Care Record is not actually the technology – it’s about working together as one big city team to make things better and particularly involving the patients.  That is what I enjoy most about my job.  I work with the most passionate staff and wonderful patients who all want to help make a difference.   I spend my time understanding what’s not working and trying to fix some of the challenges with technology and by doing things in a slightly better way.  It’s incredibly rewarding when you can see how you’ve helped – the front line workers are happy, the patients are happy so the Leeds Care Record team are happy.

An evolving initiative

Another great thing about Leeds Care Record is that we didn’t buy it from PC World – we built it in Leeds, within the hospital.  The technology is led by clinicians saying what they want and what they need to do their jobs.  The team in the hospital build the system to meet those requirements.  It means we continue to grow and improve together instead of wasting money on ideas which don’t really count on a day to day basis.

The NHS is an inspiring place and I believe Leeds Care Record is one of the jewels in its crown.

Check out the website if you would like to find out more about Leeds Care Record.

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3 Responses to Leeds Care Record – working together to improve your care

  1. Trudie Canavan says:

    Does it work the other way round? if you visit your GP can they see that you have attended A & E, for what, and what treatment you received?

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