Taking a leep of faith thanks to the Leeds Slug and Lettuce

As a Digital Eagle for Barclays Bank Emma Horsfall has taken part in many digital events within the Leeds community, mainly helping people to get online.  But at one such event she fell in love with a brilliant charity group based in Leeds called Leep 1 and she knew she just had to do more to help them.

Leep 1 is a Leeds based community enterprise staffed by adults with learning disabilities.  The company also runs Café Leep  and has upto four different trainees per day gaining valuable skills and confidence while working in the café.

Every trainee at Café Leep learns essential food safety skills in order to gain an NVQ Level 1 or 2 qualification. There are currently 12 trainees who have obtained their certificates, and once qualified they can go onto other opportunities including employment.

Emma said: “Last year I was able to arrange a day’s work experience at Crafthouse in Leeds Trinity Centre.  It worked so well I knew we needed to do it again and this time the brilliant team at the Leeds Slug and Lettuce were more than happy to say yes.

The members from Leep 1 started the day nervously, scared of messing up but by the end of the day I was overjoyed when Shadrach, Annette and Joe all asked one of the managers Charlotte if they could apply to work permanently.

The chefs at The Slug and Lettuce, were brilliantly patient and took the time to teach Annette and Shadrach all they needed to be confident enough in the kitchen to plate up meals and help cook them. Chef Gary deserves the highest credit for how accepting he was and how kind and thoughtful.


Kelly and Charlotte who helped look after Joe, when he spent the day working the restaurant floor were outstanding.  Joe fitted into the staff and thanks to great leadership and support he was able to take orders and serve them up along with lots of other fun tasks.

All of this went on without a difference in service noticed by the patrons at all. This proves mine and so many theories that if you remove the DIS from disability you get ABILITY and brilliant work experience programmes like this being held in our community to support the people of our community only help to support that fact.

If any more companies would like to get involved and offer much needed work experience to people just get in touch  Emma.Horsfall@barclaycard.co.uk “

Thanks Emma, sounds and looks like everyone had a great day.

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