Leeds’ International Older Persons Day – Diversity of Older People

This year the International Day of Older Persons takes place on 1st October and the theme is: ‘Diversity of Older People’.

All sorts of exciting events will take place across Leeds between 1st and 10th October.

Although they are all for older people, some aimed at the general public, others are only for members of the host organisation. But we want to extend the invitation to you as well – if you wish to go along to an event that is open to the public please contact the host in advance, their contact details are listed along with the events details.  And even if you can’t go you may know someone in the area who can,  just let them know.

Find out what’s going on:

Thursday 28 September

Caring Together in Woodhouse & Little London – Intergenerational

Afternoon Sing-a-long Musical

Event for Caring Together’s diverse client group. Student volunteers from Leeds

University Music Impact in the Community and pupils and staff from Little London

Primary School will also be at the event.

Contact: Lisa Argyle | lisa@caringtogether.org.uk | 243 0298 | @CaringTogether1

Friday 29 September

Older Wiser Local Seniors (OWLS) – Music and Song from Different


Cabaret-style afternoon gathering which will bring older people and younger people

together to share stories, skills and food and encourage older people to share a talent or creative skill they have with the audience.

Who the event is for: Older people in OWLS catchment area

Venue: HEART in Headingley, Bennett Rd, LS6 3HN | 2.00pm – 4.00pm

Contact: Catherine Skyvington | infoowls@gmail.com | 369 7077

Sunday 1 October

Holocaust Survivors’ Friendship Association – Trip to Holocaust

Heritage and Learning Centre

A trip to the new Holocaust Heritage and Learning Centre at the University of


Who the event is for: Members of Holocaust Survivors Friendship Association. International Day of Older Persons is on 1st October

St Anne’s Community Services – Celebration of Diversity

An Older Clients Celebration of Diversity session that promotes positive social

interactions and exchange. The event will be themed “What makes us different makes us St Anne’s” and will feature a human library as well as several themed activities on diversity and equality in a drop-in style format.

Who the event is for: Clients and staff of St Anne’s.   Tuesday 3 October

Housing Leeds, Tenant Engagement & Community Team Exploring

Cultures & Faiths

In an effort to broaden residents understanding of different cultures, faiths and

lifestyles the group will visit three or four religious centres to meet people of a similar

age and leaders of those communities. (E.g. mosque, temple and synagogue for


Who the event is for: Members of the group

Venue: Various venues

Wednesday 4 October

Black Health Initiative – Contribution to the Community Celebration

The group will celebrate their contribution to the community by sharing traditional

songs, music, dance and stories that was used to celebrate their cultural events and

that has formed part of their community legacy

Who the event is for: Members of the group staff the volunteers, family members and

members of the public from the surrounding community

Contact: Karl Fowler | bil@bhileeds.org.uk | 307 0300 | @BHILeeds

West Yorkshire Playhouse/South Asian Arts – Cultural Exchange


An event of cultural exchange, bringing Heydays and members of the Sikh Elders

community of Leeds together. This event will be a celebration of the diversity of older

people in Leeds where both groups will share music and spoken word.

Who the event is for: Primarily for members of Heydays and the Sikh elders

community of Leeds.

Thursday 5 October

South Leeds Live at Home Scheme – Diverse Communities Celebration

A ‘Diverse Communities Celebration event’ in partnership a local Muslim charity.

This will be an afternoon event at which a variety of Asian food will be served and

everybody will have the chance to taste this and see it being made. There will also be Bollywood dancing demonstrations.

Who the event is for: The general public

Venue: St Andrew’s Community Centre, Cardinal Road, Beeston, LS11 8AG | 1.00pm-3.30pm

Contact: Jayne Holland | Jayne.holland@mha.org.uk | 271 6201| @SouthLeedsLaH

Burmantofts Senior Action/Shantona – Asian Themed Celebration

Asian themed event for BSA service users and the older women’s group from Shantona.

There will be a showing of the film Bhaji on the Beach, Asian food and a Bollywood

dance session with a professional dancer. This will provide an opportunity for older

people across different communities to meet in a relaxed and fun setting.

Who the event is for: Specifically for Members of BSA and Shantona Older Women’s

Group, but all older people who wish to attend will be welcome

Venue: St Agnes Church Hall, 25 Shakespeare Close, LS9 7UQ |

Contact: Melanie Ndzinga | melaniendzinga@bsaleeds.org.uk | 2489191|

Holbeck Elderly Aid – Community Cinema Evening

Community Cinema Evening, with the main feature being a light hearted comedic film that covers the topic of Diversity amongst older people in a modern world, including the barriers that older people face and how to tackle them. There will be traditional ‘cinema themed’ food served at the event free of charge and return transport available for those who would like this service.

Who the event is for: All members of the community including Holbeck Elderly Aid staff & volunteers

Venue: Ingram Gardens Community Centre, 17 Ingram Gardens, LS11 9SA | 5.00pm- 8.00pm

Contact: Matthew Springthorpe | m.springthorpe@hea-services.org.uk | 245 5553 |

Friday 6 October

Armley Helping Hands* – Community Engagement event

A Tea Party for 45 people (20 older people, 15 adults with learning disabilities aged

ranging from 28 to 72 and 10 young people). The event will include lunch, group

participation activities and entertainment.

Who the event is for: Older people, adults with learning and physical disabilities and young people aged between 13-16 who all live in the West Leeds area.

* In partnership with ASPIRE, Swallow Hill Community College and Tesco North


Leeds Irish Health & Homes – Tabhair Dom do Lamh / Give me Your Hand

Tabhair Dom do Lamh is the name of a famous lively Irish tune which expresses Irish friendship and hospitality. Participants will take part in an arts activity where they will make a collage of their hands in which they will record where they were born, how long they have lived in Leeds and something they like about living here.

Who the event is for: the general public

Venue: Montage Burton Resource Centre, Banstead St West | 11.00am

Contact: Caroline Murphy | Caroline.murphy@lihh.org | 262 5614| @leedsirish

Saturday 7 October

Rothwell and District Gateway Club – Promoting Positive Attitudes

Concerning Adults With Learning Disabilities

Rothwell & District Gateway Club will take group members to a local restaurant for a

meal to encourage them to become more involved with their community and promote

how older adults with learning disabilities can lead happy and meaningful lives and are valued members of the community.

Who the event is for: Members of Rothwell & District Gateway Club

Monday 9 October

Touchstone Sikh Elders – Marriage and Diverse Lifestyles

The Sikh Elders Cha Da Cup (a cup of tea) will discuss changing attitudes towards marriage and settling down to have a family They will talk about the diverse lifestyles and decisions that are available to people today such as cohabitation, choosing to marry who they want and when they want. A Touchstone LGBT Champion will speak with the group about what diversity means in today’s world.

Who the event is for: Touchstone Sikh Elders service users

Namaste – Cinema Experience

Namaste will invite members of other older people’s groups to join them for lunch and to share their experiences of living in this country – celebrating their similarities and differences. They will invite older people from a Chinese group, Jewish older people and OWLS members who are predominantly white.

Who the event is for: Namaste members, volunteers and members of other invited groups

Friday 13 October

Sage Project – Issues For Older LGBT People who are Living with Dementia

To celebrate International Day of Older People in the afternoon the event offers a chance to learn more about the issues for older LGBT people who are living with Dementia. This will include a Dementia Friends session and a performance of the play ‘The Purple List’ by Ian Baxter and Libby Pearson. This will be followed by meal and an inter-generational disco featuring music from 1960 – 1990.

Who the event is for: Staff, volunteers and others who have an interest in Dementia

and older LGBT people,older and younger LGBT people who want intergenerational

connections and LGBT allies

Contact: Jude Woods | j.woods@mesmac.co.uk | 2444 209 | @yorkshiremesmac |


If you go to any of these events and take any photos please tweet them using this hashtag #IDOPLDS.

You can also follow #IDOPLDS at the Twitter accounts listed below:

@LeedsOPF | @betterliveslds | @LeedsMuseums | @AgeFriendlyLDS


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Health, social and age-related care services working together to make Leeds the best city for health and wellbeing
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