Changing what’s wrong to what’s strong Better Lives Leeds and co-production

This week is Co-production Week – a celebration of the benefits of co-production, shared good practice and the contribution of people who use services to improving and developing those services. It’s all about working with people, through an equal partnership with service users, families, citizens, carers, to give people more choice and control over their social care and support.

Working with people to develop services is a central theme in Leeds City Council’s Better Lives Strategy which sets out a new approach to the meeting of adult social care needs, Through Better Living, Better Conversations and Better Connections. The focus is on identifying people at risk of needing social care earlier and working with them, not doing to or for them, to identify solutions that support them, improve their overall health and wellbeing and help them live more independently, for longer. Cath Roff, Leeds City Council director for adults and health, explains all in her video blog 

What is the Better Lives strategy?

How is the Better Lives strategy different?

How successful has the Better Lives strategy been so far?

What changes does the Better Lives strategy bring to front line social work in Leeds?

Which organisations will Leeds City Council work with to implement the Better Lives strategy?

Thanks Cath for giving us an update on what’s happened so far.






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Health, social and age-related care services working together to make Leeds the best city for health and wellbeing
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