It’s getting to look a lot more like a dementia-friendly Christmas

Watching Breakfast News this morning there was a short section on how Christmas can affect those living with Dementia and their families, friends and carers. So here are Peter Smith’s top tips on how to have a Dementia-friendly Christmas.

Better Lives for People in Leeds

Christmas party at Tea Cosy cafe, Rothwell, Leeds Christmas party at Tea Cosy cafe, Rothwell, Leeds

So what will your holidays look like? Will it be full of family, friends, food and drink, parties and presents?  It’s a time of year when everyone comes together, when you spend time with older relatives and it can often be the only time that you spend with them. Expectations run high and people can be emotional.

If you haven’t seen someone for a while and they behave differently to the way they used to because they are living with dementia, it can be quite distressing for them and you.

For people living with dementia this time of year can be a confusing and distressing time but help and advice is available.

I chatted with Peter Smith, who organises memory cafes as part of Rothwell’s dementia friendly community, on how to make Christmas a more dementia-friendly time.

Here are some of Peter’s…

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