Supporting #hellomynameis at Leeds City Council


Cllr Rebecca Charlwood

Cllr Rebecca Charlwood

Hello, my name is Rebecca Charlwood. I am the Executive Member for Health, Wellbeing and Adults, the Chair of Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board and a local councillor for Moortown.

The sad news of Dr Kate Granger’s death on the 23rd July had a profound impact on not only people in Leeds but also across the country and the world, demonstrating the huge number of people she inspired. Dr Granger worked at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (LTHT) and based on her experience of being a patient after diagnosed with terminal cancer, she began an inspirational movement driven by a simple but powerful idea.


Kate Granger

Dr Kate Granger

Dr Granger wanted to encourage health care professionals to pledge to introduce themselves to every patient they met, strengthening and personalising the relationship between the two and their families. This also meant that often difficult information about life changing issues is not given by someone nameless, but by someone who is named and has introduced themselves. Like many of the great ideas, it doesn’t cost anything. But this one can make a real difference to how people feel about the information they get and conversations they have, especially when going through difficult times.

At Leeds City Council we recognise that our values will influence the way we work, which is why treating people you work with fairly as well as with respect is something we will continue to promote. I know so many of the people who work in the council live by these values every day and as we remember Dr Granger and her inspiring legacy, it would be fitting tribute if we also can take on board the #hellomynameis idea here.

Dr Granger’s positive message connected with people across the world. It is now up to us all to continue live and work by the values she so passionately encouraged.

You can read more about why the award winning #hellomynameiscampaign started here:

I also encourage you to read the poignant article in the Health Service Journal and on their facebook page about Dr Granger by Julian Hartley, Chief Executive of LTHT.


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