Assisted Living Leeds on the road to flood recovery


After much hard work to clean up and recover from the  Boxing Day flooding of Assisted Living Leeds (ALL) we are gradually making the move back to Clarence Road and getting back to business as usual.


Firstly a reminder of how bad it was in January…..



mopping up


Nearly four months on and the ground floor reception area is still drying and will be out of action until Summer, unfortunately meaning limited staff facilities. The lift is also out of action which restricts access for staff and visitors and some of the services from moving back. However, the upper floors are back in use and finishing touches are being carried out with the paint brush.


The current state of the ground floor means our moving and handling training has not yet returned to Clarence Road and is still based at The William Merritt Centre.  Blue badge assessments are still being carried out from Roseville Road.

Leeds Community Equipment Service has moved back in, hooray!! and improvements have been made to protect the racking and lifting vehicles.

The floor has been re painted and racking has had protectors put on the ends of the aisles.



Admin booths and signage have been replaced.



Existing storage bays enhanced to stop equipment getting scratched.


Items of electrical equipment such as phones and scanners now have a common charging and testing area for Martin and colleagues.



Collection of used items is gradually returning to normal and we thank everyone for their patience whilst we have been operating from many temporary facilities which has meant many more visits for us between the sites.

Scott, Linzi and Julie and equipment cleaning are now back at Clarence Road and hard at work as always.




Suzi and Steven are also glad to be back. Suzi said ” it’s really good to be back with all our friends and colleagues”.



The vehicle fleet is also back


We have noticed whilst providing alternative arrangements that some of our ways of doing things weren’t as streamlined as they could have been. Moving back to Clarence Road has allowed some new ideas to be put into place and staff have come up with some great suggestions. Many thanks to them for going this extra mile often in difficult circumstances.

Our Tele Care service has moved back in and staff are ‘more than pleased’ to be operating from five desks rather than the temporary two and having access to full range of IT equipment again and not having to take turns. Thanks to our noise nuisance colleagues at Cross Green who had to vacate their desks to accommodate us.


Above, the temporary arrangements and below is what they have returned to.


Volunteers once again gave up their weekend to help move back in to Clarence Road, so a big thank you to all who gave up their time, and another big thank you to all staff that helped. Also thanks to colleagues in other areas of the council – you helped more than you will know.

You can follow further progress and updates on Twitter at @AlivingLeeds



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One Response to Assisted Living Leeds on the road to flood recovery

  1. Trudie Canavan says:

    Fantastic effort. Well done all the ALL staff.

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