How are You? – a campaign to help you be healthy

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How are you? That’s the little question at the heart of One You. Dr Ian Cameron, Leeds City Council Director of Public Health explains more behind the brand new health campaign…

One You is the first national campaign to target adults in midlife in a holistic way.   Already over 430,000 people have completed the How Are You quiz nationally and Leeds has been one of many local authorities using and adapting the campaign to make it more relevant and accessible to people in Leeds. Big local employers have also joined in – from the obvious like NHS England to locally headquartered ASDA.  So what’s been going on?

Response to the campaign has been fantastic and in Leeds national media interest was supported as the BBC filmed at the Ministry of Food and interviewed a woman who had been helped to stop smoking with the help of the city’s smoking cessation services.One You BBC website screenshot

Currently 42% of adults in midlife are living with at least one long-term health condition and the NHS spends a minimum of £11bn a year on treating preventable illnesses caused by the effects of diet, inactivity, smoking and drinking alcohol.

The aim is to engage millions of people across the country, giving them evidence-based tools and personalised support to help them make and maintain the simple changes that can mean a longer, healthier life.

Developing One You

Public Health England’s research shows we often don’t realise that many of the behaviours we consider normal, such as having a drink every evening or doing little exercise, can seriously impact on our health both now and in later life. At the same time, pressures of modern life – like work and family and the confusing array of health advice out there – often makes it difficult to know where to start.

As the campaign says, “there is only One You” and we aim to provide the personalised information, tools and support to help make the often small changes that can have a big impact.

One You drinks screenshot

How Are You?

While One You is going to give support for years to come, the focus of adverts you may have seen on TV and online is the How Are You quiz. The aim is for this quiz to engage as wide an audience as possible and get those of us who may not realise they are unhealthy to think about our health.

The How Are You quiz questions, design and language were tested with over 3000 people through surveys and in face-to-face interviews. The testing clearly highlighted that people wanted everyday language used, rather than public health language like ‘obese’ or ‘wellbeing’; simple interactions like buttons and sliders; and easily understandable results like a score out of ten.

Many of the tools, like the Couch to 5K app or the local services the quiz directs people to, are well established, already successful and designed to be accessible and engaging.


We know measuring individual behavioural change over decades is difficult, but evaluation of the campaigns will involve learning from previous successes, such as Change4Life (where over 2.7 million people have signed up and purchase data showed an 8.6% reduction in purchasing of carbonated sugary drinks during the 2014 Smart Swaps campaign).

Learning and expertise gathered through previous campaigns has informed development of One You and it is clear we can’t keep continuing to do the same thing and expect different outcomes. One You marks a new and exciting part of a radical upgrade in prevention: informing, encouraging and empowering individuals using a variety of tools and the latest technologies.

So why not take the test for yourself?

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5 Responses to How are You? – a campaign to help you be healthy

  1. Trudie Canavan says:

    I’ve taken the test which has highlighted my many weak areas! I would like to make a suggestion / ask a question regarding the smoking cessation programme. When you have visited the service and it’s been agreed that you can for example, have a prescription for Champix, why can you not just get a repeat prescription so you only have to visit the gp/pharmacy and not the stop smoking service every time you need another prescription. This is very time consuming and not always manageable, particularly for shift workers who might be working at night and sleeping in the day. I know of someone who has attempted several times to stop smoking but due to work patterns, cannot attend the smoking clinic as often as she needs to therefore cannot get a prescription so she is back at square one.

  2. Paul Lambert says:

    That’s interesting feedback Trudie, thanks.
    We know some people don’t won’t the behavioural support part of the smoking cessation support, just the medication. We also know clients are four times more likely to quit and stay quit when combining medication with behavioural support from the stop smoking service, compared to quitting without support. However if you’re struggling to make appointments, it’s worth contacting the stop smoking service to try and arrange a more convenient method of support e.g. phone support.
    As with most medical interventions, smoking cessation teams closely monitor use of medication used to help smokers quit so the GP or stop smoking advisor can be aware of any side effects.

  3. Trudie Canavan says:

    Thanks Paul, how do you get your prescription note if you have phone support. Do they then inform your GP you can have a prescription?

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