An apple a day keeps the dentist away – part of Nutrition and Hydration week

Hydration and nutrition caribbean style

Hydration and nutrition Caribbean style


Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson, Principal Catering Manager, Community Meals Leeds gives us some food for thought as he discusses  how people are getting involved in Nutrition and Hydration Week and how an apple a day can also keep the dentist away.   Here in Leeds – we love to promote good practices in nutrition and hydration; we have started our Nutrition Champions training programme.  We work closely with partners such as Aspire to develop their food and drink work.   The next open session will be held in September. It is also really interesting to see about how Nutrition and Hydration Week is now being used in so many ways both in Leeds and further afield

Fridge magnet

Fridge magnet

I am totally amazed by the amount of support we have for the week. It is really inspiring to know that so many people will be taking part in an event that aims to make a difference to the people we provide care for. There have been numerous requests from people for leaflets, posters and our own hydration magnet so they can be used in locally based campaigns and awareness sessions.  The resources are avaialble from the Public Health Resource Centre at Technorth LS7 phone: 0113 224 3174

During the week we are promoting the up-dated Older People Food Matters Groups Leeds Food Consensus leaflet  which aims to raise awareness of the importance of nutrition and hydration across health and social. contact

Nationally organisations i.e. The Border Force, Warburton’s Bakery in Bolton, and Manchester’s Metrolink  are also now looking to use Nutrition and Hydration Week to improve the health and well-being of their staff – which is a real shift from the original aims but one which we are delighted to support. We all need to make sure that we eat the right things and drink enough…. that includes you our reader, we all need to make sure our food and fluid intake are appropriate to our own stage of life.

Another national event that I am looking forward to is the Mouth Care Matters WebEx session on the 17 March 2016. The session will talk about the importance of good oral hygiene and the impact on improving nutrition and hydration.

This is often an over looked part of personal care, we are fortunate in Leeds that we have the Leeds Dental Line (0800 298 5787)to help people find an NHS dentist. Plus in Leeds there is the Community Dental Service that provides NHS dental care for any dental treatment needs which cannot be met in a general dental practice. To make the service accessible their facilities include: hoists, a tipper chair (for wheelchair users), loop systems, interpreting services, activity and sensory packs & picture boards. The service can be accessed by a referral from a health or social care professional for an initial assessment.

Nutrition and hydration is vital to everyone not just those we care for and we need to ensure that all access to good nutrition care is fundamental to all the services we provide and is part of our daily function too. Hopefully you’ve had a cuppa whilst you’ve been reading this, if not make yourself one now you need to ensure you are drinking 6 -8 cups a day like those you care for.

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