Assisted Living Leeds flood recovery update


Following Boxing Day flooding of Assisted Living Leeds (ALL) on Clarence Road, services have relocated and are now operating from temporary locations. This is the latest update about those services and on progress being made to move back to Clarence Road.

Our Tele Care service continues to operate from our disaster recovery site at Cross Green and although we have maintained all critical service requests without any backlogs, we only have facilities at this site for two telephone responders to take calls at any one time instead of our usual three, which puts pressure on the staff.


Above, now and below is what it should be like.


We are therefore looking at the possibility of adding a 3rd desk but in the meantime Tele Care installations, repairs and mobile responding are still happening as usual.

The relocated community equipment service is now operating from Roseville Road.

phone 2016 013

phone 2016 024

phone 2016 033

Councillor Christine Macniven, Chair of the Leeds Community Equipment Service and Telecare Partnership Board, came to ALL last week to see for herself the damage caused by the flood. She was saddened to see the state of the building that had been such a lovely environment for staff and customers alike. She expressed her thanks to staff for all their hard work to keep services running from other locations and to colleagues across the council and to suppliers who all responded so magnificently to the situation to make sure the people of Leeds continued to be supported and safe.


Volunteers from Adult Social Care HR and ICT teams came in during the weekend we moved there to help set up the office and computer equipment and get the building ready for equipment to be delivered. Space is still very limited and options for additional warehousing are being considered.

setting up


The service is prioritising deliveries related to hospital discharge and admission prevention. Collection of larger items such as beds and hoists is also important in order to keep stock available and we will prioritise situations where families need equipment removed quickly. Collection of smaller items is being completed as soon as possible but there may still be some delays.

What we have noticed in providing alternative arrangements is that some of our ways of doing things weren’t as streamlined as they could have been. Staff came up with some great suggestions about how we can make the best of the situation and improve how we work. Many thanks go to them for going this extra mile often in difficult circumstances. One example is that we have needed to move from the use of Fax machines for referrals to use email. This will continue as the standard process when we return to ALL. We will also be looking to see if there is other learning from having to cope in this difficult period that might also be a better way of doing things on a more permanent basis at Clarence Road.

Blue badge administration (photo below) continues to operate from Hunslet Hall and the administration staff have continued to remain positive and provide excellent and supportive customer service. Richard Graham, Senior Quality Assurance Officer in ASC happened to overhear staff taking customer calls when he was at Hunslet Hall office and was very complimentary about the skills of staff. Face to face Blue Badge assessments still continue to be arranged at Holt Park Active and three temporary sites in the city. The council’s Asset Management Team are supporting the service to identify a single location to replace the three temporary sites as this is not sustainable.


So what about ALL at Clarence Road?

The clean-up and recovery is on-going and the building is drying out and still in a bit of sorry state.






However, on the positive side, once we have partitioned off the reception area where the stairs are, it is hoped to re-open the office accommodation on the first floor for the Tele Care Response Service, administration functions for Tele Care, community equipment and Blue Badge, along with moving and handling training and meetings. We anticipate this to be by end of March.

We are also planning to start using some of the cleaning and warehousing facilities by end of April. The reception area and Blue Badge assessments service will take the longest time to return to site at Clarence Road and this is not likely to be until early Summer.

Once again thank you for your understanding as we try and get back to normal service.

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4 Responses to Assisted Living Leeds flood recovery update

  1. Trudie Canavan says:

    It must have been heart breaking to see all the hard work that was put into opening up this lovely facility, destroyed. Hats off to everyone involved in continuing to deliver the service in less than ideal circumstances.

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