ALL hands to the pumps

Steven, Suzy Tina and Julie with Katie after receiving the news that they will be coming with us to Roseville till ALL

Following flooding damage to our Assisted Living Leeds (ALL) centre on Clarence Road on Boxing Day, a recovery plan was put in place to make sure critical community equipment and Tele Care services could still operate and would not delay hospital discharges over Christmas. More on the temporary arrangements here but a huge thank you to everyone for their support and in helping to spread the word.

This post aims to tell the little ‘big’ stories in our on-going recovery.

The day after the flooding, response staff did an amazing job reassuring people who were on their own at home who used the Tele Care services. Leeds Community Equipment Service staff, supported by ICT colleagues came in from Christmas holidays to help put a plan in place to plan and communicate about all the changes and temporary arrangements. It is to their credit that there was no impact on hospital discharges over the Christmas period.

mopping up

The above picture shows how deep the water had been.

50 staff from the council Facilities Management team came in from leave to help start the cleaning up and salvage.




The warehouse and cleaning areas were badly affected with stock being moved about by the force of the water.


Once the water drained away there was dirt and mud left on the floor and on equipment. Fortunately the chicken in the Planned Preventative Maintenance Team cupboard obviously had the right idea and was dry.


It was also good to get our supported employees back to work to help out. Steven, Suzy, Tina and Julie were pleased as punch when they found out from Katie they will be helping out with the temporary equipment store on Roseville Road.

Steven, Suzy Tina and Julie with Katie after receiving the news that they will be coming with us to Roseville till ALL

ALL staff have played a big part in helping to plan the recovery and their ideas have made a huge difference in getting things up and running so quickly. They are involved in daily briefings.

“customers have been very understanding that our service isn’t operating as it usually does”

“teamwork has been great”

staff briefing

Support for the recovery has come in many forms. Many thanks to Wakefield Council who have been helping with cleaning while our equipment is out of action.

“staff at Wakefield Equipment Service where we have been taking our cleaning have been really great. We all work as a big team”

Thanks also to Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust community equipment service who immediately offered to help their close neighbour with deliveries.

And suppliers have helped out too.

“It’s been great that Parkhouse and Scan have gone out of their way to help us – opening their services over the bank holiday weekend to get new equipment to us”

By 10th January the warehouse had started to dry out.

racking drying out

“the blue badge service has been split up to operate from four locations at the moment but all the staff have worked together to keep the service going”

“Despite the pressures on our service we have been able to temporarily loan a special mattress to a Nursing Home who didn’t have one available for a resident returning to the home from hospital”

We will keep everyone updated on further recovery progress on this blog. If anyone has any photos or stories they would like to tell about our recovery then please email them to and we will include them in future updates.

This has been a great team effort so far and everybody’s contributions have been greatly appreciated.


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One Response to ALL hands to the pumps

  1. Phil Gleeson says:

    just shows that wen the chips are down yorkshire folk never waiver in their support.
    thanks to all the staff and supporters at ALL who have been doing a fantastic job keeping it going and importantly ensure the ‘customer’ never felt the impact.

    Thanks You.

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