Why go dry for January?


January is the time of year when many people are feeling in need of a detox. Alcohol Concern’s campaign Dry January encourages people to stay away from the alcohol for the whole month.

The benefits include improved sleep, saving money, better energy levels and the chance to change drinking habits for good. Last year’s campaign saw 72% of participants sustain reduced levels of drinking.

Over two million adults participated in Dry January last year and tens of thousands of people signed up online. Dry January is not about never drinking again, it just gives you the opportunity to give your body a break from alcohol.

In partnership with Forward Leeds and their ‘Like My Limit’ campaign, we will be following the progress of a number of people who are participating in Dry January.

One of them is Julie Moriarty, Health Improvement Resource Assistant, who tells us why she is taking part and what she hopes to gain from her experience.

You can follow the progress of other people who are participating in Dry January and “Like My Limit”. and find out how to join up yourself.



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