Information following flooding at Assisted Living Leeds


The Assisted Living Leeds (ALL) centre on Clarence Road in Leeds was badly affected by recent flooding. Significant damage was caused taking it out of service as a ‘one stop’ for assistive living services in Leeds. The building houses Leeds Community Equipment Services, Tele Care services, Blue Badge assessments and various care training such as manual handling and lifting for people like occupational therapists and those caring for others.

mopping up

The above picture shows how deep the water had been and below, what was left once the building could be entered.


Critical Equipment and Tele Care services have been temporarily moved elsewhere but this upheaval will inevitably impact on service delivery. There will be some disruption to non-critical service operation while alternative arrangements are made.


The warehouse and cleaning areas were badly affected with stock being moved about by the force of the water. Once the water drained away there was dirt and mud left on the floor and on equipment.

Appropriately implemented service continuity planning meant that no calls to the Tele Care service were missed during and following the flooding and during temporary relocation.

Response staff did an amazing job reassuring people who were on their own at home and in cleaning up. Leeds Community Equipment Service staff came in early the next day and started setting up a relocated service and it is to their credit that there was no impact on hospital discharges over the Christmas period.

A flood recovery action plan is being implemented to ensure service disruption is minimised, to provide continuity of service for critical services and appropriate alternative work space for staff affected and to look at mid and longer term accommodation planning.

Resources are currently focussed on temporarily relocating services, equipment salvage (where possible) to ensure as normal a service as possible. Some longer term projects have been halted until core services are fully operational.

The following explains where services have relocated to and if contact details and priorities have changed. This information will be constantly updated so please keep reading.

Leeds Community Equipment Service is setting up a warehouse facility at Roseville Enterprises.

It would be appreciated if return of small items such as crutches, walking sticks, zimmers, urinals, etc. could be delayed so that we can get the relocated service up and running and prioritise delivering equipment for people being discharged from hospital and for end of life care.

Larger items such as beds and hoists can still be collected by request on the usual contact details.

There is also space at Health Centres listed below for smaller items to be returned if really necessary.

Holt Park
Rutland Lodge Medical Centre (Meanwood NT)

Contact details are as normal but we would appreciate if non urgent contact could be delayed.

Tele Care is operating from its Disaster Recovery Site at Cross Green and stock will be held at Roseville. Contact details are as normal but we would appreciate if non urgent contact could be delayed.

Blue Badge administration has moved to Hunslet Hall and it is planned to do face to face assessments at Holt Park and various Health Centres. Contact details are as normal but we would appreciate if non urgent contact could be delayed.

Manual handling and lifting training  This is not a public service. An update for staff will be provided shortly.

It is not possible to say how long these temporary arrangements will be in place until a full assessment of the flooded building has been carried out and a schedule of required works and timescales is made and approved. It is however hoped that fully operational services should be back at Clarence Road within 5-6 months with an administrative base on the second floor operating from the end of January once IT systems are working again.

We will keep everyone updated on future progress on this blog and by other means but we would appreciate if you could help in cascading this update.

In the meantime, thanks for all the support so far.


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