“It was like a light had been turned on for him”

We have highlighted in recent posts how there’s potential for older people to feel increasingly disconnected from society if they don’t have access to technology or knowledge of how to use it.

In this update we tell the story of Alan who felt the same but who, with a little help and support, is now connected to family and friends.

AlanFormer architect, 79 year-old Alan Green lives in Cookridge with his wife Margaret. Aged 75, Alan uses a wheelchair to get around. Although he had been getting out to a day centre, the journey was difficult. When the chance came to switch to Holt Park Active, which was so much nearer to where he lived, it seemed the obvious thing to do.

Alan tells us why.

At Holt Park I was able to learn how to use computers – something that has improved not just my life, but my whole family.


I’d never used a computer before, don’t have one at home but now have my own Facebook account. I keep up-to-date with my family who live in Orkney, Scotland on a daily basis.

I print off photos to show to my wife Margaret – that was how we were able to see pictures of our grandchild Sophy.

Margaret is quite happy for me to come to Holt Park as it gives her some peace and quiet especially when Jill, our daughter flies down from Orkney for a visit.

I don’t spend my whole time glued to a computer screen, I like having a chat with the others who come to Holt Park and I like the staff as well who have been really helpful.

“It was like a light had been turned on for him” one of the staff at Holt Park said.

“We all cried when he showed us that first picture of Sophy. His daughter, Jill, has written to say how much Alan being able to use the computer has meant to the whole family.”

Thanks to Alan and family and staff at Holt Park Active.

Holt Park Active encourages older people to join in activities. Sessions include keeping active, a relaxation group, cookery groups, advice sessions, IT, hydrotherapy pool, Bodyline gym and garden.

More information about social care for adults in Leeds can be found here www.leeds.gov.uk or by ringing 0113 2224401               

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