Leeds puts best foot forward for Learning Disability Week

A group of walkers from last year's walk

A group of walkers from last year’s walk

Learning Disability Week is a week of national campaigning and raising awareness. Once again in Leeds a group of dedicated walkers will put their best foot forward to march on and raise money to improve the lives of people living almost 6,000 miles away in Africa.

This year’s walk takes place on 16th June 2015 around Swinsty Reservoir. The walk is approximately 3 miles long and should take between 2-3 hours to complete.

Africa’s Gift supports largely rural communities in southern Africa and Uganda, working closely with community members to bring about change They design projects that inspire people to work together, making a real difference to people’s lives and giving everyone involved a sense of having achieved something worthwhile. 

The walk has been organised by support workers Cath Marchant and Mark Pollard. Cath said:

Catherine Marchant

Catherine Marchant

“This is our 3rd year walking for Africa, we wanted to show people with learning disabilities in a positive light and as the givers of aid rather than the recipients which is often the case. The walks have been successful on a number of levels and are establishing itself as an annual event in our calendar. We chose Africa’s Gift as our charity as I like the philosophy behind this charity. They are committed to a vision of communities everywhere actively involved in shaping a more inclusive sustainable world. They have formed a relationship with a community group in Malealea Lesotho”

So far over £2000 has been raised, contributing towards materials to build a toilet block for a school and a poly tunnel for villagers to grow vegetables at the local markets.

Swinsty Reservoir has 2 car parks one of which has a disabled toilet , the meeting time is 10.45am  with the walk starting at 11.15am. The registration fee is £5.00 to include bottled water, a burger in bun upon completion and a certificate. So if you think you would like to be part of raising money for a great cause then take a look at the following video for a visual tour of the walk and check out the scenery you can expect to see.

More information about activities for Learning Disability week in Leeds is available here.

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