Why every man needs a shed


Happy shedders

The humble shed or man cave has long been a man’s only personal space – they retreated there to inhale the smell of sawdust, potter about, oil lawnmowers, and perhaps dream of projects yet to come.   Often it has been seen as a bit of a joke, a bit Last of the Summer Wine,  but thanks to the Men in Sheds Leeds scheme the humble shed is now playing a major part in the fight against social isolation in older men.

Often men find it harder than women to socialise, preferring to “tough” it out on their own especially after bereavement or a life changing event.

The Shed is more than just a workshop, it’s a space to socialise, share skills and knowledge, or even just have a cup of tea and a biscuit. The shed gives socially isolated men something constructive to do, reminds them that they are valued and helps them form new friendships.

But don’t just take our word for it the shedders can tell you themselves

To use the shed five days a week, provide tools and materials for the men to use and pay staff to be able to offer this to the men for free will cost £10,000.  To help this project or  for more information contact Will Gore on: 0113 238 0601 or email will.gore@groundwork.org.uk

Men in Sheds is run by the charity Groundwork Leeds, an environmental charity that supports local communities. Changing people, changing lives.

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