Just One Day… to make a big difference to children in Leeds

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Friday 24 April is the first ever ‘Just One Day’.

There’s nothing more local than supporting the Leeds Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal which, this year, is raising funds for the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal.

The Lord Mayor of Leeds would like to personally invite you to raise funds by joining in with, and encouraging others to participate in, Just One Day!

One day a year. That’s not too much time to give to help Children in Leeds, is it?

So, what is Just One Day all about?

The whole idea of Just One Day is to involve as many people, educational establishments, sports clubs, corporate organisations, public, private and third sectors as possible in raising funds for the Lord Mayor’s Charity Appeal and specifically this year, Friday 24 April, for the Leeds Children’s Hospital Appeal.

We are aware that corporates in particular may have nominated Charities of the Year, but all we need is Just One Day for the Lord Mayor.

And that “One Day” is Friday 24th April – not far away!!

There’s lots of ways you can use your day to help people within our city who really need it. Why not:

  • Organise a cake sale – whether it’s themed, a competitive bake-off, or simply an excuse to invite your colleagues, friends or clients to raise money to help children in Leeds;
  • Dress-down – relax the dress-code for the day, let people wear jeans to the office – or even pyjamas! – and charge them a set amount. Don’t forget the seasonal aspect – why not have an Easter Bonnet competition, or to be truly wacky, a Christmas Jumper day competition to see who can wear the worst Christmas jumper?! In April!!!;
  • Take part in a sponsored event – you could create your own, such as the challenge to wear the wackiest outfit, eat the most cream crackers in a minute and ask friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you for the Lord Mayor’s Charity;
  • Donate a proportion of sales – if your organisation runs events or hosts performances or matches, why not donate a proportion of ticket sales for one of those events on any day of your choosing to the Lord Mayor’s Charity? or;
  • Offer your customers, students and/or staff the chance to give – if you sell to the public, on one day why not have collection buckets in your locations or outlets, or if you transact online offer your customers the chance to add an extra £1 onto their transaction for the Lord Mayor’s Charity?

Join the first citizen of Leeds the Lord Mayor with Just One Day and raise much needed funds to help the children of Leeds and make their hospital stay or visit more comfortable and less frightening.

You can download posters which you can print off to advertise your event and how much you’ve raised in your school, workplace or home; details of how to pay in the monies you raise and digital materials you can use on your website and intranet. Please join us in taking part and spreading this message as far as possible – if we all come together in Leeds and give Just One Day, think what we could achieve.

For a conversation on how you can support ‘Just One Day’, please email just one day2LordMayorsOffice@leeds.gov.uk

Together for Leeds we can make a difference 

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