Could you become a provider of supported lodgings?

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Today we talk to Ben Whitehead, a manager within Leeds City Council’s fostering team, about Leeds City Council’s new supported lodgings initiative. The initiative provides lodgings for young people aged 16-21, and we wanted to know how this new initiative works and who can get involved and become a supported lodgings provider…

Supported lodgings are a new initiative from Leeds City Council, what prompted the initiative starting up?

Leeds has a lack of appropriate semi-independent living for young people aged 16 plus, and as a result these young people often find themselves in a range of temporary accommodation, or being provided with their own accommodation when they aren’t emotionally and practically ready for full independence.

Supported lodgings are about offering young people a half-way house, an environment where they’re given a high degree of independence, but that they will have support from their lodgings provider to talk to and help…

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