Safeguarding Adults campaign – launched today in Leeds !

BettyThis morning we are launching our new Safeguarding Adults Campaign, in Leeds. The campaign is all about preventing abuse of adults with health and social care needs who are unable to protect themselves and also pointing individuals in the right direction if they have concerns about someone’s safety.

The campaign begins today 21 July and will run into the autumn.

Dr Paul Kingston is Chair of the Leeds Safeguarding Adults Board, and he tells us why the campaign is needed.

Dr Kingston‘Anyone can come across abuse in all sorts of places and settings so the campaign aims to reach people right across the city and perhaps even beyond. We especially need to reach people involved in looking after others, and people caring for adults at risk in any situation.

People may sometimes see or hear something about the way someone else is being treated that makes them feel uncomfortable – they may suspect something is wrong but not really know what to do about it. One of the aims of the campaign is to encourage people to think about the responsibilities we have to each other and then to do something about it. The campaign message reflects this: ‘doing nothing is not an option’.

We have created a set of images to be used on posters that cover a range of people in different situations. Some of the images are quite hard hitting – here is another example: LCC_ADULT ABUSE_FACEBOOK POSTS_PETER 

People often have little idea who to call if they do suspect a problem, so publicising the contact number is really important. he posters and publicity materials with the number on, will very soon be appearing all over Leeds – on buses, billboards and on city-centre lamp post banners. There will also be smaller posters and leaflets in places such as health centres and one stop centres.

We are trying to cover most of the city but if you know of locations where a poster or leaflets could be appropriate, please let us know and we will try to include them. Contact via the Safeguarding website or email:

The campaign will also run on social media – as well as this blog there is a Twitter feed @BetterLivesLDS and the Facebook page is: so you can get involved with the discussion and pass on the news about the campaign.

This really is ‘everybody’s business’.

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2 Responses to Safeguarding Adults campaign – launched today in Leeds !

  1. tim whaley says:

    Great that we are now making use of social media to reach out beyond service land.

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