Leeds Learning Disability Customer Award Winners 2014 – Friendship Award

Friendship Award – Linda Johnson

Our final post of this week introducing the winners of the customer awards is about the Friendship Award. Customers selected the categories for the awards and chose Friendship as the most important, so we have saved this award until last.

Linda Johnson - Friendship of the Year

Criteria:  a person with a learning disability who has been a great friend.  They may have helped and supported their friend through a hard time, made them laugh and cheered them up or become more like a member of the family.

Watch this short video to see why Linda was nominated.

Linda is a popular lady!  She received nominations in three categories.  Firstly for her beautiful knitting; secondly for her achievement in losing an amazing amount of weight steadily over the past year.  As a result of this she has vastly improved her health, gained in confidence and looks lovely.  However, it is in the friendship category that Linda won through, nominated by her best friend, Janet.  Not only has Linda been there for her friend in good times, but also when Janet was very ill.  Linda was very kind and supported Janet through this difficult time in her life.  In fact she was “a rock” who constantly went the extra mile to support her friend and was always there to talk to when needed.

More information about the awards is available here.

Really well done Linda!

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