Straight from the Social Workers mouths

Jen and Siobhan - two of our Social Workers

Jenny Titcombe and Siobhan Martin – two of our amazing Social Workers

As mentioned yesterday, today we find out from not one, but two Social Workers on what their role really means to them and the people they help support. There’s been a flurry of information surrounding social workers recently, with guidance detailing the roles and functions of social work in England – an interesting read (please click here for the article). But first, I’ve decided to continue in the spirit of openness, honesty and admitting to my shameful ignorance. I’m slightly nervous here because what follows may offend, but it’s the truth.

If pushed, my response would have been shamefully stereotypical and I apologise to all social workers in advance here; I thought that social workers, with all the best intentions, meddled in family affairs; placed old people in residential homes and that they possibly had a hand in running day centres. How wrong can one person be! If you’ve read the above article from the College of Social Work, the role of these frontline staff is far, far, FAR from my limited understanding as a former lay person to Adult Social Care. As Siobhan Martin and Jenny Titcombe share in their interview, nothing could be further from the truth.

Lizzie Whewell

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