Do you put salt in your food?

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You might be thinking this blog seems strange, talking about salt, but it is so important to be aware of those little white crystals you put in your body. Growing up, I was shown how to cook by my parents and grandparents. When cooking, they always seasoned their food with salt and pepper and once dinner was cooked, you would add salt and possibly pepper again. That was normal, we all did it.  It added flavour but what was it doing to your insides? 

This week; 10 March – 16 March 2014 is National Salt Awareness Week. Maybe you could take part and reduce your salt intake? 

Salt is a major factor in causing high blood pressure from a very young age and high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and strokes. Did you know stroke is the third biggest killer in the UK?

As part of ‘Leeds Let’s Change’ there is nutrition, weight management and healthy eating advice to help keep you and your family well.  Why not take the cook swap and swap ready meals and takeaways, which are high in salt, and maybe cook from scratch using fresh ingredients.

Remember, if you had a wound, would you rub salt into it? You can’t see inside the body so it’s easy to forget.

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