And the good news is….

Martyn Lewis welcomes everybody to the DERiC launch

It was with a smile, an anecdote and a reference to Michael Palin that Martyn Lewis welcomed guests to the launch of Developing Empowering Resources in Communities (DERiC) held in Leeds on Tuesday 11th February 2014.

During the morning representatives from DERiC and Big Society Capital explained the innovative programme to utilise personal care budgets, these will greatly improve the existing level of services for people with social care needs through community engagement. DERiC will be providing expertise and funding to community organisations specifically formed to deliver support to local people who receive personal budgets. The help that people receive will be supplemented by community supporters, local people who wish to put something back into their communities. People will be able to have greater choice about the support they receive.

Adi Cooper, Chairperson, DERiC enthusiastically told the audience about why she believes DERiC will have a positive impact on people, because “it is supporting people to be empowered and in control of their own lives.” and also because of the “innovative and creative way” DERiC are working with local authorities.

There were also speeches from, Councillor Adam Ogilvie (Executive member, Adult Social Care, Leeds), Dawn Newsome (Manager, Armley Helping hands), Nick O’Donohoe (CEO Big Society Capital), Norman Lamb MP (Minister of State for care and support) and Mick Ward (Head of Commissioning, Adult Social Care, Leeds). 

Leeds Adult Social Care together with DERiC are working on a new project called Local Links. The project is designed to build on the work of 37 existing locally based neighbourhood networks in Leeds. Two networks – Garforth Neighbourhood Elders Team (Garforth NET) and Armley Helping Hands are currently working with Adult Social Care to trial a different way of planning support and brokering the range of services needed by older people in the local area. 

Visit:  to find out more about Local Links.

Visit: to find out more about DERiC.

Visit: to find out more about Big Society Capital.

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