Reader feedback – please tell us what you think

Happy New Year.

We thought we might use the first post of the year to ask what you think about the Better Lives blog; what it might cover in 2014; what you’d like it to cover and how it might be improved.

Some background first though. We’ve been using the statistics package to get a sense of what has sparked an interest and to help inform what we might cover this year. And we know it’s not just about quantity; it’s about what difference this blog is making or could make that counts (here’s an example of the difference it can make. Please see the first comment – that pleased us!).

However, when we started posting last March, we didn’t expect to be reporting nearly 10,500 views by the end of 2013 from the 118 posts we have made. This is growing month by month which suggests there is an audience and people are coming back. The most read post was by Councillor Adam Ogilvie about his personal experience of mental health. Why do we think it was the most popular? Because it was told in an open and truly heartfelt way that obviously touched the many people who read it; who could associate with it and who then wanted to share it.

Our links to that post were also the ones most shared on Twitter. The other most popular posts had that personal experience element too – we believe that clearly shows that people relate to human stories and that’s why we’d like you to share your story and your experience of our services.  

You may be pleased to know (we were!) that Councillor Ogilvie will continue to do his regular post every other week and will also be explaining what it is like to be a councillor.

We thought 2014 might also be about telling more stories of the people that work in health and care support services across Leeds and how they help people. We also plan to do regular posts to explain any changes that may happen and to encourage discussion and feedback.

And we won’t forget to tell the stories of those receiving care and support and what they thought – the real difference.

So over to you!

What would you like to see more of?

What would you like to see less of?

Would you like to tell your story?

Tell us what you think, good or bad, or if you have an idea for a story please get in touch.

Please let us know by commenting or email us at

Finally, as part of our Wrap Up Winter campaign, we’re supporting the NHS Winter Friends Pledge by encouraging people to look in on an older friend or neighbour this winter. It’s so easy to take our friends or loved ones for granted, but if they weren’t around, what would you do? How would you cope?

Find out what we’re doing to help on our blog next week but in the meantime, you can find out more at the above link.

About betterlivesleeds

Health, social and age-related care services working together to make Leeds the best city for health and wellbeing
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