Councillor Mulherin, chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board highlights challenges and success following the health and wellbeing board

ImageThe Leeds Health and Wellbeing Board is a partnership with the council, NHS, third sector and Healthwatch – working together to improve the health and wellbeing of people in Leeds.  Our aim is for Leeds to become the best city for Health and Wellbeing: a healthy and caring city for all ages where people who are the poorest improve their health the fastest more information available in the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

We want to make sure everyone is aware of what is happening within the city.  At the board meetings we take a theme from the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy as a focus for the meeting. At the last board meeting we focused on ‘people will live full, active and independent lives’ and members of the board visited sites around Leeds to see and hear first-hand what it feels like to be in the health and care system. What powerful visits they were, full of stories of difficult challenges, hardship and evidence of how important the work done by so many in health and care is when helping tackle these issues.

Last Wednesday (20 November) our focus was around ‘People’s quality of life will be improved by access to quality services’, and big topics included:

  • The increasingly tough choices around the best use of the ‘Leeds £’.  We have less money so we need to work together like a single organisation, making the most of every pound. 
  • Public engagement is one of the ways we will keep everyone informed.  The first ‘Call to Action’ event run by NHS partners is taking place on Wednesday 27 November at Leeds City Museum where you can have your say on NHS challenges. Watch out for more events and opportunities to have your say over coming months.
  • Early years, where getting a best start in life with a focus on mental health highlighted the interesting statistic that half of all mental health problems develop by the age of 14.
  • Given that a third of West Yorkshire’s GP practices are in Leeds, not only is access to GPs and primary care important, positive action and quality service delivery are crucial.

On a positive note and a real boost for everyone, was the confirmation that Leeds is becoming a pioneer for integrated health and social care.  This means people in Leeds will have extra support to have the services they need.  The official launch will be on 3 December at Westminster, so keep a look out for more news stories.

Would you like to ask the board a question about health and wellbeing? If you are interested, you can ask questions at the open forum at the beginning of every board meeting, next meeting is 29 January 2014, 10am at the Carriageworks, Leeds City Centre.  If you are unable to attend, you can send a question to us via twitter @hwbboardleeds or email Health and Wellbeing Board. For more information and a full update from the board meeting visit where you will find our newsletter.

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Health, social and age-related care services working together to make Leeds the best city for health and wellbeing
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