Breaking down the barriers to communication

National Learning Disability week - 19th to 25th August 2013

National Learning Disability week – 19th to 25th August 2013

This week is National Learning Disability Week – a chance to raise awareness about some of the key issues that affect people living with a learning disability but also a week to celebrate great success stories.

Even in today’s modern society, there are a number of communication barriers which often mean that people with a learning disability can’t live as independently as they would probably like. Despite these obstacles, people are good at finding ways to overcome them – for some it may be having some help and support from a carer, relative or friend, and for others it could be about using technology as a way of communicating more easily.

In our blog today, we‘ll be looking at the potential of technology in enhancing communication for people living with a learning disability. There’s no doubt about it, having a learning disability is no-longer a barrier to independent living, and to prove this, we met with Neil Morrisroe, Service Delivery Manager from the Learning Disability Community Support Service in Adult Social Care. Neil explains how we are increasingly encouraging more and more people with learning disabilities to use technology as a means to communicate better and live more independently. Click here to read what Neil had to say.

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