Equality – hot off the press!


A few hours ago, I was sat in a room full of approximately 100 people from the Equalities Assembly. I witnessed not only an informative ‘Better Lives for people in Leeds’ presentation, but an engaging, insightful and open discussion from the audience, councillors and staff. One participant’s feedback said:

 ‘This event has been outstanding for giving an insight into what’s going on in the city’

The Equalities Assembly is a forum that has been set up to ensure the council involves and engages with our diverse communities; offering the opportunity to meet and work together to identify and resolve issues. Invited by the Equalities Assembly, Adult Social Care was only too keen to share how the three Better Lives strands (please click here for further information) place positive values on diversity and equality for individuals and the community. But it wasn’t a one-way street where we presented hoping the audience would listen, nod their head in agreement and then leave with a little more understanding than before. No; not at all.

Each session incorporated a feedback and discussion opportunity where Councillors, Directors, Chief Officers and Heads of Service gleaned honest insights from the Equality Assembly members into what was working well (the good), what wasn’t working well (the bad) and what could be improved upon in Adult Social Care. It was inclusive, it was open, it was exactly the type of consultation that can and will help us inform the future of what we’re doing for vulnerable adults in Leeds.

 Suhkdev Dosanjh , Chief Officer of Adult Social Care Reforms said:

‘I’m very new to Leeds Adult Social Care, and it was extraordinarily insightful to share a table with our stakeholders and to hear first-hand what their experiences are of our services and what they believe we need to change or to keep doing more of.

Councillor Ogilvie acknowledged how this is exactly the type of engagement Adult Social Care are good at; making sure the people that receive our services are also helping us to shape them. I couldn’t agree more.’

We will collate the feedback from the table discussions and share this on our blog and website, and tomorrow we’ll publish the responses to ‘what a Better Life in Leeds’ meant for the audience. Watch this space!

Many thanks to all who attended and we hope you enjoyed the discussions as much as we did.

Les France, Information and Involvement team, Adult Social Care

If you would like to tell us what a Better Live in Leeds means to you, please email asc.comms@leeds.gov.uk

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