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Pass it on

Pass it On (National Transplant Week)

This week marks the ‘Pass it on’ campaign as part of National Transplant Week, which is run by the NHS Blood and Transplant unit. We hope we can play a part, no matter how small, in helping raise awareness of the need for more organ donors in Leeds. By reading this blog, even if there’s just one person who is motivated to register with the national transplant team, it really will have been worthwhile.

Is this a positive start to the week? It can be. Although it’s an incredibly sensitive matter, from the tragedy of death there can come hope; where one life has been taken, another may be saved. In researching this article, we looked at the National Transplant website and read a whole host of remarkable real-life stories from people who have experienced organ donation from both perspectives; from family members who have given their agreement after the passing of a loved one, to people who have benefited from transplants and are here today because of the kindness of others. For anyone in doubt, it really may be worth a look (click here).

There is no age limit to becoming a donor. A person’s physical condition, not age, is the deciding factor.  The lifeline of organ donation is shared by 31% of us who have already joined the NHS Organ Donor Register – that’s nearly a third of the population! What difference could it make?

The facts – between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2012:

  • 3,960 organ transplants were carried out, thanks to the generosity of 2,143 donors.
  • 1,107 lives were saved in the UK through a heart, lung, liver or combined transplant.
  • A further 3,521 people had their sight restored through a cornea transplant.
  • Almost 942,000 more people pledged to help others after their death by registering their wishes on the NHS Organ Donor Register, bringing the total to 18,693,549 (March 2012).

Statistics from NHS Organ Donation

More than 10,000 people in the UK currently need a transplant and of these, 1,000 each year (that’s three people a day) die because there are not enough organs available. It is absolutely an individual’s choice, but if an individual wanted to be on the register, but simply didn’t know how, an awareness campaign just like ‘Pass it on’ could make the difference. If this is something you or a loved one have considered, why not have a conversation with your family and friends and decide if you want to make a difference by registering to be an organ donor? Alternatively, there’s plenty of posters and supporting information available to download – perhaps you could pop a poster up in your reception or at your community centre? Please click here for all the information you need.

As many of you may know, we’ve been looking at ‘getting fit and getting active’ recently, something that could be a contributing factor to keeping you healthy, helping you reduce the risk of serious health problems and, perhaps, reducing the potential of you needing a transplant in the future.

This week, we’ll be out and about to see what activities there are to help you keep active in the great outdoors. Summer’s here, the sun has been out and long may it continue and this week, we’ll be finding out how you can get involved and we will be speaking to Bernie Cass at Stocks Hill, Armley to see how they help people get fit and get active!

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