70,000 unpaid carers in Leeds – are you one of them?

This week is national Carers’ Week and here we’re focusing on how people don’t always see themselves as a ‘carer’.

70,000 carers in Leeds  – that’s almost one in ten of us.  

Who me ?  a carer ...

Try this test to see if you might be one of them,

If you are helping a partner, relative or friend who is ill or disabled and couldn’t manage without your help, do you: 

  • Call round or drop in to check how they are, keep them company or help them with meals?
  • Maybe you arrange their hospital or other appointments and help make sure they get there?
  • Do you often worry that they might not be safe if you’re not around to help?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these then you might be one of the 70,000 unpaid carers in Leeds.    

A carer is someone of any age who provides unpaid support to an ill, frail or disabled family member, or friend who could not manage without the help.

There’s support out there for carers – but many people don’t use it. Sometimes that’s because they don’t know it’s there. For others it’s because they don’t actually see themselves as a carer. It may be hard to see yourself in that role if you have gradually become used to looking after someone, perhaps a loved one – it comes naturally.

So, how do we reach the thousands of people in Leeds who don’t consider themselves as ‘carers’ and therefore don’t look to see what support might be available?

It’s not an easy problem to solve and we’d really like to hear if you have thoughts or ideas.
It would be great to see a range of ideas on this blog – so do please comment!

Meanwhile, if you are in a caring role, or know someone else who is, here are some places to find out about support, respite, daytime activities and other services:

LINK to Carers Leeds Newsletter – with lots of information about what’s on this week

LINK to Leeds Directory


In a few days we’ll be talking to Jill Foalks at Carers Leeds for more about how people can slip into a caring role without being aware of it : watch this space!

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