So does this blog work for you?

It’s been nearly two months since we started this blog. In that time we’ve published 36 articles covering the way care and support services are changing or are delivered in different ways and what people getting these services think of them.

So we thought it’s time to take stock and look at what it has achieved and see what else we might do with it. That includes getting views from followers, followers to be, people who occasionally drop in for a browse and any lurkers out there who we might persuade to sign up!

I say ‘we’. So who is that? Well, we are communications staff supporting Leeds Adult Social Care services. We are the people who help our colleagues, and the organisations we work with, by telling the stories of what we are all doing, and hopefully how we can, and do, make a positive difference for the people who need care and support in Leeds.

We set the blog up to provide a more human side of what we do, with information about services but also from the people getting the services. We didn’t want it to be just about us telling the world how great we think we are because sometimes we can get too close and we need a different view on things. We wanted it to be an opportunity for people to tell us what they think and talk about what is happening in the world of care and support.

So what do you think about the blog? – does it feel like us blowing our own trumpet? Is the content interesting, diverse enough? Useful even? What else would you like to see?

Please let us know by commenting or if you would like to feedback offline please email us at

We are also happy to help tell your stories too, so that others can hear them. Just let us know via the email address.

About betterlivesleeds

Health, social and age-related care services working together to make Leeds the best city for health and wellbeing
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4 Responses to So does this blog work for you?

  1. Douglas Paulley says:

    I wouldn’t have heard about Dales without it, now I can hear my doorbell and my neighbours aren’t bothered by my TV.

    • Thanks so much for telling us this Douglas. We are so glad you and your neighbours now have a better life, and really pleased that an article on this blog made that possible for you.

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