Excellence as standard

Jo guy1

Jo Guy, Managing Director, AJ Community Care

Straight to the top of the class – care provider achieves an ‘A’ for excellence in a Quality Standard Assessment.

This week we’re sharing examples of our partnerships with care organisations in Leeds.

With AJ Community Care recently receiving an ‘A for excellence’ classification following a recent Quality Standard Assessment, we spoke to Jo Guy, Managing Director of AJ Community Care and Non-Executive Director of the *United Kingdom Homecare Association to find out her thoughts on what excellence really means as a care provider.

How would you describe what AJ Community Care does?

We employ a team of exceptionally well trained Community Support Workers to provide care and support services to people who enjoy an independent lifestyle but may find day to day activities difficult due to a disability or an illness.

Jo, as non-executive director of UKHCA, part of your role is providing representation from your sector to national and regional policy-makers and regulators. What do you think should be the priorities in care and support provision?

We need to deliver excellence and accept nothing less. Our clients deserve the very best to support them to maintain their independence. It is not only our duty as care providers, but the right of anyone who needs care to expect excellence as an uncompromising standard.

How does a care provider ensure excellence as an ‘uncompromising standard’?

I believe our support workers play an enormous part in our success. They are the ones that have most contact with our community and it is their work ethic which enables us to deliver excellence as standard.

This work ethic can come from many sources. Investment in training and development; recognition of the invaluable work they do; a mutually agreed vision. They are professionals and proud of it, in part because we invest in their future and welfare and in part because we’re committed to the future and welfare of the people we serve.

We are delighted to be awarded an ‘A’ on the recent Quality Standard Assessment process (QSA). Receiving an ‘A’ scoring represents ‘Excellence’ and gives our dedicated team of people the recognition they deserve for their handwork and commitment.

What role does Adult Social Care play in helping providers achieve excellence?

We have very high expectations and when this is coupled with a likeminded authority such as Leeds, that becomes a powerful partnership.

They have robust quality measures in place to enable providers to self-sufficiently explore their policy and procedures and ensure they are working in accordance with national standards and contractual expectations.

It’s also really, really important to keep up to date with changes and activity in the care sector by holding regular providers meetings. Leeds Adult Social Care does this and they have a self-developing culture like ours which promotes everyone involved in social care to invest in their own development and use the great training resources the council provides.

As Managing Director, I can honestly say we feel supported by the council and appreciate their forward thinking nature. Working with the council has provided me with confidence that we are working alongside an authority that is committed to shaping the future of Social Care.

Thanks to Jo Guy for this interview.

*UKHCA is the professional association of home care providers from the independent, voluntary, not-for-profit and statutory sectors.

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